Vegware Compostable CPLA Knives

165 (L) mm / 6 1/2" - Pack of 50

Vegware Compostable CPLA Knives

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The White Vegware Compostable CPLA Knives are stylish, eco freindly and renewable alternative to standard plastic cutlery. They are made from plant-based CPLA and are fully compostobale in under 12 weeks in commercial composting facilities. Having compostable cutlery will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. These kn iveshave fantastic oil and water resistance and because of the material they are remarkebly strong too.

Complete with:

  • Made with plant-based CPLA as a stylish, eco friendly and renewable alternative to plastic
  • Producing CPLA emits less carbon during production than traditional plastic alternatives
  • CPLA is a stronger, more heat resistant form of PLA
  • Incredible oil and water resistance for fantastic durablity
  • Fully Compostable in under 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility


  • Material: Plant-based CPLA
  • Product Code: VR-KN6.5
  • Box Quantity: 50
  • Dimensions: 165 (L) x 21 (W) x 3.45 (H) (mm)

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Vegware Compostable CPLA Knives

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