PME Non-Stick Polyethylene Rolling Pin

6 inch (L)

Dimensions (mm)

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A must-have and for home kitchen or commercial kitchen, this PME 6" non-stick rolling pin guarantees superb performance and reliability. It has a short 6" length making it ideal for rolling small quantities of dough, icing or marzipan quickly and easily, helping you to speed up your preparation process. It is crafted from polyethylene and is immensely strong and durable, guaranteeing a long-lasting life to deliver outstanding results every time and save you money on replacements. The polyethylene construction also makes the pin easy to clean, helping you keep it hygienic and sanitary at all times.

Complete with:

  • 6 inch length
  • Can roll a small surface area
  • Polyethylene construction is incredibly durable and easy to clean


  • Material - Polyethylene
  • Product Code - GL229
  • Dimensions - 6" inches
  • Unpacked Weight - 700g

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