Specialist Delivery

Foster-fridge.com supply the full range of Foster Commercial Fridge, Commercial Freezer and Commercial Chillers and more...

Some of these units are extremely heavy and bulky items, requiring experience as well as brawn to manoeuvre onto premises and into place. With ever increasing demands and ever more stringent health and safety guidelines it is becoming an increasingly difficult and sometimes costly exercise to deliver Foster Refrigerator units to those tricky sites. Couriers have no choice but to use extra man power which equates to extra costs.

Foster Fridge has now partnered with a specialist team of movers and removers. A company with many years experience delivering commercial catering equipment to some awkward to access sites.

Covering London, the surrounding counties and beyond we can cost effectively assist with your specialist delivery requirements. We will obviously still deliver our Foster refrigeration equipment nationwide on the standard free kerbside delivery service, but for those awkward installations not covered by our kerbside service we also now have access to a network of couriers that will assist to get your Foster fridge or freezer, blast chiller or cold room on site.


Please contact us for any delivery questions you may have, call 01582 865050 or email us