Burco Water Boilers

When large quantities of piping hot water are required, a commercial water boiler is the ideal piece of equipment to improve productivity and save time. Whether it’s a small cafe or or a busy restaurant, nearly all caterers would benefit from using one of these efficient and powerful appliances. Burco water boilers are one of the leading brands for catering equipment. Manufactured to the highest standard, our superb range of water boilers from Burco are available from sizes 2.5 litres to 20 litres. For caterers on the go, we offer manual fill boilers that are easy to transport and do not require a water supply. Alternatively our range of autofill water boilers can sit on a countertop and are perfect for front of house use. Some models also feature an in-built filtration system, perfect for preventing limescale build-up, prolonging the life of your machine and improving the water quality. There is an ‘Eco’ mode, which reduces running costs when the unit is in standby mode during periods of inactivity. With a wide choice of models, every catering establishment can benefit from a reliable supply of piping hot, filtered water on tap, every day.

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