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We sell a full range of leading manufacturer’s commercial catering equipment. From cooking ranges to refrigeration, ware washing to food prep units and more. Supplying quality brands with proven service and aftersales support.


Current news

  • A Veggie Future

    With Pret a Manger converting an existing shop into a vegetarian only branch last year, the beginning of April 2017 brought us the launch of the second Veggie Pret. The first launch of Veggie Pret saw customers in London sitting on the floor eating lunch, evidencing customers who were absolutely desperate to get their hands on Veggie options. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians can now enjoy meat free foods ready to grab from the shelves in Soho as well as Shoreditch. But what's in store for the future of Vegetarians and Vegans?

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  • How to Avoid Avocado Hand

    The dreaded Avocado Hand has hit the UK. We have created a useful video to show you how to avoid being an Avocado hand victim.

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  • 6 Reasons Why you Should Choose Adande Fridges

    With leading restaurants such as Nandos, Jamie’s Italian and Michelin starred establishments producing very varied foods, you’d think they would all use completely different catering equipment. Not quite. It seems that they’re all using Adande behind the kitchen doors. But why is it they have all gone for Adande?

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ECO, Working in Partnership

The team can supply you with extensive knowledge, support and products that are relevant to your business model. Whether operating a hotel, restaurant, pub, we can help you deliver success.


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