The Ecomax and Ecomax Plus range have very similar control panels and so we are here to help you learn the control panel to Hobart’s Warewashers.

The circular button on the right hand side of the control panel is an off/on power button. With one press, the machine the machine turns off or on. The green light next to this button will flash when the machine is filling up with water.

Cycle 1- Short cycle
Cycle 2- Standard cycle

Once you have chosen you cycle, as shown above, you will need to press the cycle button once. The green button will then flash. This green light will continue to flash until the cycle has finished and once finished, the light will go solid.The unit always shows the temperature of the rinse and wash cycle. This is shown with red lights in the middle of the control panel, so this can be monitored at all times.

If your machine has an in-built water softener, it will show you when you need to top up salt with a simple blue light as shown in the video above.

As pointed out on the video, there is also a softener regeneration light. If this light is on, the cycle will be slightly longer and the softener will regenerate.

The drain down button is next to power on button, to it’s left, also as shown in the video. To drain the unit down, hold this button down for 5 seconds. This unit will then rinse itself out, after draining and ready for a member of staff to clean.

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