Looking for the best commercial undercounter dishwashers? The world of commercial dishwashers can be a tricky place to navigate. There are the big names heading up the show. However, over the past decade more and more brands have appeared, and sometimes disappeared. With new, household names entering the commercial dishwasher market place, brands we’ve never heard of before and some dealers white labelling dishwashers, it really can be difficult to know which commercial undercounter dishwasher is best.

Because of the ‘new’ names making an appearance, some of the major industry players have improved their existing dishwashers or created whole new ranges. Using their wealth of knowledge and industry leading technology they are producing more affordable models. Reducing specification that isn’t always needed, particularly for smaller independent sites, can create very effective and affordable commercial dishwashers.

In between entry-level and top tier there are a whole range of models aimed at different establishments. With differing performance demands, and varying budgets here’s our pick of the standout undercounter commercial dishwashers currently available in the UK:

2022 Update:

2022 didn’t see a significant change in the commercial dishwasher market. A number of manufacturers dishwasher models had already had a recent range of upgrades. However, at Eco Catering, we made some changes. We introduced Maidaid into our range. There is good reason for this as they include a good level of specification at a good price point and they all come with a 2-year warranty as standard. So much so that one of their dishwashers is in our top 5 recommended undercounter commercial dishwashers. The feedback from customers so far has been great and we expect that to continue.

Top Commercial Undercounter Dishwashers

Check our top picks of commercial undercounter dishwashers.

 Hobart Premax FPS-10B & FP-10B

1. Hobart Premax FPSW-10B & FPW-10B

A high performance commercial dishwasher combined with ultimate efficiency.

Rack Rating: 45 p/hr (810 plates) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm (18 Plates) Wash Tank: 10.6 ltrs  Water Cons:  1.0 p/cycle Cycle Times: 80 / 150 / 170 secs. (Plus Special Programmes)

+ Industry leading economy

+ Excellent Performance


Warranty length

If you are looking for the ultimate undercounter dishwasher right now, then the Hobart Premax FPSW-10B is it. The tech packed dishwasher might be pricey, but for the money you get a high-performance dishwasher with every conceivable feature, some which can’t be found anywhere else. It’s also one of the most economical to run so what you pay for upfront is more than recovered over the life of the machine. Featuring Hobarts patented Genius X Filtration system, small wash tank, double racking option and industry leading water usage per cycle, this undercounter is incredibly cheap to run. Now with this very latest iteration of the Hobart Premax model this dishwasher includes a drying cycle. Using some sort of new wizardry your plates and cutlery not only come out sparkling but also dry and ready to use.

Watch our Hobart FX & FPS overview video here:



2. Hobart Ecomax Plus F515SW & F515W

Reliable under counter dishwasher, efficient performer with unique double racking option.

Rack Rating: 60 p/hr (720 plates) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm (18 Plates) Wash Tank: 10.6 ltrs  Water Cons:  2.3ltrs p/cycle Cycle Times:  60 / 120 / 180 secs.

+ Easy to use

+ Double racking option

 Accessory prices are high

Warranty length

Hobart have taken the flagship FX range and its key features and distilled it into this mid-tier undercounter dishwasher. The result is a reliable, efficient commercial dishwasher. Suitable for a whole host of establishments. Also, sporting the unique double racking option this unit can wash two racks at a time. Significantly reducing wash time and, in doing so, energy, water and detergent usage. With a small wash tank and double skinned cabinet the Hobart Ecomax Plus F515SW is a very cost effective machine to run at this price point. 

3. Maidaid C525WS

A nicely specified undercounter commercial dishwasher at a good price point with a 2-year warranty.

Rack Rating: 40 p/hr (720 plates) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm (18 Plates) Wash Tank: 20 ltrs  Water Cons:  2 ltrs p/cycle Cycle Times: 90 / 120 / 150 secs.

+ Good level of specification

+ 2-year warranty

 Dishwasher has to be empty to top up the water softener

 Some might feel there are too many cycle choices when setting the dishwasher up

Unlike most commercial dishwashers, Maidaid is new to Eco Catering but they’re not new to the industry. They’ve been producing warewashers for over 40 years. This here, however, is one of their latest models. The Maidaid C525WS dishwasher comes with a comprehensive specification. Including, inbuilt dosing equipment, drain pump, brake tank and the all-important inbuilt water softener for those of you in hard water areas. Three wash cycles, an automated intelligent controller and self-cleaning function make the C525WS incredibly easy to use. Efficiency is at the forefront of Maidaids design with this dishwasher using only 2 litres of water per cycle. All of this coupled with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, does make this Maidaid dishwasher a compelling choice and one of the best commercial dishwashers available.

Hobart Ecomax F504 & F504S

4. Hobart Ecomax F504SW & F504W

German quality commercial dishwasher at an affordable price point

Rack Rating: 60 p/hr (1080 plates) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm (18 Plates) Wash Tank: 25.0 ltrs  Water Cons:  2.3ltrs p/cycle Cycle Times: 60 / 150 secs.

+ Good spec. for price point

+ Big throughput on short cycle

Unlikely to use 60 second cycle for everything

Machine must be drained to top up the softener

Yep, it’s another Hobart. But to be honest with the three ranges currently offered by Hobart, the FX, Ecomax Plus and this, the Ecomax, it is difficult not to pick a model from each. This is the latest Ecomax undercounter dishwasher, the Ecomax F504W and F504SW.  Hobart have improved the specification from the outgoing F502, giving customers the chance to buy a Hobart dishwasher when budgets are more restricted. ‘Perfect for sites that don’t need something all singing and dancing, this latest model has a better control panel and an improved efficiency and reliability. The interior has also been redesigned and now contains a pressed interior meaning the unit is easier to clean and less prone to dirt build up. German quality and efficiency has never been so affordable


Watch our Hobart F504 & F504S overview video here (Please Note: the dishwashers have now been updated to the F504W and F504SW however the fundamentals are the same):

 5. DC SD50

Affordable workhorse of a commercial dishwasher.

Rack Rating: 20 p/hr (360 plates) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm (18 Plates) Wash Tank: 26.0 ltrs  Water Cons:  2.4 p/cycle Cycle Times: 180 secs.

+ Price point

+ Ability to choose your preferred specification, controlling your budget

Everything is an optional extra

Basic warranty, unless you pay extra

At the opposite end of the spectrum to the Hobart FX is the DC Standard range. Here we have the SD50. DC dishwashers come in a basic format with a lengthy options list, allowing you to add a break tank, drain pump and water softener. Other brands may give you this as standard but it is reflected in the price. And if you don’t need these features you can keep your spec. to a minimum and in doing so keep the purchase price down. It has an easy to use control panel and will give good, reliable performance. Not suited to environments that put a high demand on their machine but perfect for those who don’t need ultimate performance but instead want a decent, cost effective undercounter dishwasher.


Watch our comparison video between the Ecomax F504W and F515W dishwashers:

Looking to buy one of the products in this article:



Hobart Ecomax Plus F515W

Hobart Ecomax Plus F515SW

Maidaid C525WS

Hobart Ecomax F504W

Hobart Ecomax F504SW


Under Counter Dishwasher FAQs

What is the best overall commercial undercounter dishwasher?

As commercial dishwashers go, there are hundreds of products to choose from. However, here at Eco Catering Equipment, we really like the Maidaid C525WS commercial undercounter dishwasher. And the additional 2-year manufacturer warranty is an added bonus to what is a great product at a fantastic price point.

Are undercounter dishwashers worth it?

In a word. Yes. A commercial dishwasher is able to handle much more volume than a domestic unit. As a business owner in the catering industry or pub owner, having the ability to clean dishes to a high standard at scale allows you to spend more time with customers and running your business as well as saving you money on additional salaries for kitchen staff. An undercounter unit is also able to save some space by slotting into spaces underneath the preparation areas.

What should I look for in a commercial undercounter dishwasher?

When you’re looking for a commercial dishwasher, there are a number of features you should be aware of and looking into. These include the Rack Rating (how many plates the product can clean at a time), Rack Size, Wash Tank, Number of Cycles, Cycle Times and general efficiency.

Are commercial undercounter dishwashers the same size as normal dishwashers?

The main differences between commercial and domestic undercounter washers is the speed and overall capacity of the unit. Otherwise, domestic rack dishwashers are of a similar size in dimensions to commercial ones.


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