As we are into the summer months, bottle coolers play a massive part in any restaurant, bar or pub. A quality unit will be able to cope with the demand of a busy establishment, so it is essential you equip your bar with units that are suited to their usage.

You will need to consider the durability of your machines; as the doors are being opened and closed more frequently, warm air gets into the machine. Because of this, the bottle cooler needs to work a lot harder to maintain it’s cold temperature. A quality unit will be able to maintain it’s cold temperature throughout the busy day.

Another aspect to durability is the stain on components that you may not be able to see. For example the compressor and refrigerant system as well as the components you can see such as doors and shelves. A quality unit will have durable components throughout the machine, to maximise it’s lifetime and performance.

High ambient temperatures can also be a problem when purchasing a downgraded unit. When a bar or restaurant is busy, particularly in summer, cheaper machines may begin to struggle to hold temperature, so it is essential that you consider the environment in which your bottle cooler is in before purchasing a unit.

Overall as a restaurant, bar or pub you do not want to serve a warm drink. By purchasing the correct equipment for your workload, you will ensure you are serving a quality drink every time, whilst keeping your customer happy.

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