Restaurants are changing and expanding menus with just one piece of cooking equipment. ‘How?’ I hear you ask. A combination oven. Combi ovens are ever changing and encouraging chefs to use the ovens in new, unconventional ways. There are even technological advancements on the way to improve combis further. But how can you get the most out of your combi oven?

Combination ovens have become a huge asset within a kitchen due to their versatility. As food fashions come and go, these units allow establishments to tailor their menus to these trends without new equipment being purchased. Combi ovens have the ability cook food in various ways within the one machine. As well as traditional cooking methods such as steaming, roasting, baking and grilling, they also provide other cooking functions. Whether it is broiling, griddling, bar marking, frying eggs, drying out tomatoes, producing macaroons, the list is endless. Some combi ovens are even being used to dry out herbs and garnishes. Whether it is following food fashions, saving space or the ability for a changing menu, combi ovens can benefit any kitchen in more ways than one. The unit’s settings and usage can be tailored by you so that it works best for your kitchen, now and in the future.

It isn’t just variety of cooking methods that make the Combi ovens so valuable within a kitchen. They reduce the risk of cross-contamination, even if cooking raw meat and vegetables in the same unit, just a tray space apart. The circulation and ventilation of air flow keeps the foods and their flavours and smells completely separate, perfect for cooking a full English breakfast in one unit. Combi ovens save you time by providing convenience within your kitchen allowing you to cook various types of food within one unit.

Combination oven are being developed into very clever units. With Technology and software being ever incorporated, intelligent units are becoming the norm within the kitchen. One example being Rational’s SelfCookingCenter range. Their units come equipped with ethernet interfaces as a standard feature and offer full network integration through its ConnectedCooking platform. This allows full kitchen control with a touch of a button on your smart phone. Pushing towards a digital alternative, Rational are encouraging the management of a kitchen without the need for you to be in the kitchen itself. Imagine being able to turn your units off, on and changing temperatures with you being front of house.

So kitchens are digitally connected, come with a range of cooking options and can also cook various foods at any one time, but what is next for the future of technologically-charged combi ovens? There is a drive towards even more compact models, which can deliver the same performance and have similar features of conventional-sized units such as Hobart’s Minijet and Rational’s SelfCookingCentre XS. These compact units are perfect for customers who need the performance and versatility of a combi oven but may not have space in their kitchen. Click here to find our Compact Rational and Hobart units

Cleaning is also a dreaded task that is ever evolving with Combi ovens, making cleaning routines more user friendly, easier and quicker. Manufacturers are producing combi ovens with more efficient and affordable self-cleaning functionality. For example, the new Hobart Precijet+ uses advanced steam injection technology making easy work of the cleaning cycle, with minimum input from the operator.  With closed circuit cleaning and an automatic power control procedure it’s simple ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘intensive’ cleaning technology will allow you to pre-programme cycles throughout the week. This allows you to attend other important tasks, while the cleaning is being taken care of.

Combi Ovens are a great asset to any kitchen; they provide versatility, convenience and the latest technologies within one unit. Any establishment should consider a combi oven and learn it’s multitude of functions to make sure you get the most out of your unit. Not only this, with investing in a combination oven, you future proof your kitchen; the unit will allow you to adapt with trends and changes that you may not be prepared for otherwise. At Eco Catering Equipment, we have a wide range of combination ovens from industry leading manufacturers. Our sales team are always at hand to help with any queries you may have or visit our website to browse our products.

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