Maidaid has been supplying commercial dishwashers and glasswahers to the hospitality and catering industry for over 45 years. Throughout that time their key philosophy has been to offer the very best customer experience by providing innovative and reliable ware wash equipment, backed up by excellent aftercare and service levels.

Maidaid have a reputation for producing high-quality warewash equipment across the entire spectrum, including, glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers and pass-through/hood dishwashers and rack machines.

In 2020, during the lockdown, whilst other manufacturers stopped moving forward, Maidaid kept pushing. Maidaid took the opportunity to implement a number of comprehensive updates, innovations and improvements. This included improving existing units with the latest technology as well as launching several new models. Maidaid now offer an impressive range of ware washing equipment that can cater for all of your site’s needs.

High quality & reliable

Maidaid prides itself on producing commercial warewashing equipment that is of the highest quality. All of their equipment is built to the high standards you would expect from equipment deigned to operate in a commercial environment. To support this, the entire Maidaid range comes with a full 2-year parts and labour warranty.

As Maidaid have been developing commercial catering equipment for over 4 decades, their knowledge, experience and products are definitely tried and tested.

All models are manufactured in one of Europe’s largest warewashing manufacturing plants. Couple Maidaids own experience with that of the manufacturing plants own research and development team and you have an impressive model line-up. Due to the sheer manufacturing power the factory has, Maidaid always manage to maintain significant stock levels, even during the current unprecedented supply chain issues all manufacturers have been suffering from.

Their excellent reputation is the result of how quickly they respond to the ever-changing demands of the commercial marketplace. Maidaid is continuously listening to its customers and investing in the research and development of their products. This helps to ensure their equipment maintains its position as an industry leader in the hospitality and catering sectors.

The Maidaid Range

At Eco Catering we are pleased to offer you the complete Maidaid range of warewashing equipment. On our website currently we offer the ‘C’ range which includes commercial glasswashers, undercounter dishwashers and hood dishwashers.


Maidaids bestselling C Range glasswashers offer four basket size options of 350 x 350 (mm), 390 x 390 (mm), 450 x 450 (mm) and 500 x 500 (mm). Holding 10, 16, 20 and 25 pint glasses, respectively. 

The C range is built to deliver excellent wash results whilst reducing water and chemical consumption. All Maidaid glasswashers are supplied with accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing pumps. This ensures the precise amount of chemicals are used for each cycle, ensuring sparkling clean wash results whilst eliminating chemical wastage.

A comprehensive, programmable, intelligent control panel means you can tailor the glasswashers to your preferred requirements. Once setup, it also makes them incredibly easy to use.

A range of energy and water saving features make the Maidaid glasswashers not only competitively priced but also very affordable to run.

Checkout our full range of Maidaid C Range Glasswashers

Undercounter Dishwashers

Maidaid produces an impressive range of commercial undercounter dishwashers. The majority of their units are designed to accommodate the industry standard 500 x 500 (mm) tray size. However, they also manufacture the C615WS models with the larger 500 x 600 (mm) racks, designed to accommodate a range of pans sizes and larger items.

At Eco Catering we currently offer undercounter dishwashers from Maidaid’s C range. These dishwashers are designed to deliver fantastic wash results whilst reducing your running costs. They have been cleverly designed to use less water, electricity, detergent and rinse aid. They utilise quick release, parallel wash and rinse arms, ensuring complete water coverage so every dish is washed thoroughly, from all angles. The quick release mechanism makes the arms easy to remove and clean. Combined with a pressed chamber and auto drain and clean cycle, the dishwashers are incredibly easy to keep hygienically clean.

Maidaid has incorporated their intelligent, automated control system and range of energy saving features including Thermostop control, eco-energy saving mode and reduced consumption technology to make their commercial undercounter dishwashers very efficient and cost-effective to run.

Take a look at our range of Maidaid C Range Undercounter Dishwashers

Hood/Pass Through Dishwashers

We are pleased to offer the Maidaid C range of pass through dishwashers. The standard features are extensive with optional model options allowing you to specify your dishwasher with or without a drain pump and an integral water softener.

Hood dishwashers are perfect if your site is busy and has a high throughput requirement. They also add a level of convenience for the operator that puts less physical strain on them, which is key to any busy operation. Specified with Maidaid’s purpose-built inlet and outlet stainless steel tabling, the Maidaid hood dishwashers can be installed as a straight run or corner operation. Running from right to left or left to right. Giving you complete flexibility to create the ultimate wash area.

All C range models include quick release, parallel wash and rinse arms, giving complete wash chamber coverage for an intensive wash. The quick release mechanism, moulded interior, scrape filter trays and automatic clean down function make these units very easy to clean and maintain.

Selectable Energy Saving and Thermostop modes ensure optimum wash and rinse temperatures for the best results whilst reducing energy consumption. Add these features to patented, energy efficient wash pump technology, a small 15 litre wash tank and only 2 litres of water used per cycle and you have a very cost-effective hood dishwasher. The lower wash tank volume requires less electricity to heat the wash tank and less detergent to dose it. This all adds up to a very efficient dishwasher for you to own and operate.

With a range of customisable wash cycles, the Maidaid C Range pass through dishwashers are a great option if you are looking for increased throughput whilst keeping your overheads to a minimum.

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