The Meiko Upster U500 and U500S is one of Meikos most popular undercounter dishwashers. In this video Pete from Meiko explains the features and benefits of this warewasher.

The control panel has no knobs or buttons that stick out. This means nobody can accidentally knock them whilst walking past. A flush, waterproof panel means it is easy to clean, and less likely to become damaged. The control panel is also very quick and easy to use.

The door features a full-length handle, which means if the operator has wet hands they can still use the the door easily.

The U500 and U500S have two wash cycles. A standard 90 second cycle and 120 seconds cycle for more soiled dishes. The water softener regeneration light gives an indication as to when the machine is going through the softener regeneration process and the salt light informs you when the water softener needs to be topped up.

The U500S and U500S have a counter-balanced door so you can partially open to allow steam to escape without the door being opened Entirely. It also gives you more control when opening the door, so it doesn’t slam down.

Inside the machine there is a 1-piece pressed tank that makes it quick and easy to clean after use.

The top and bottom mounted, rotating wash and rinse arms ensure all dishes go through a thorough clean. Over time dirt and grease will build up on these and they will need to be cleaned. No tools are needed to remove these, simply unscrew the plastic and metal caps and the arm lifts out to be washed in the sink.

Meiko understand that dirt and waste will travel to the highest point of the wash arms and block the wash jets. For that reason, they have manufactured indented wash jets to ensure they do not become blocked.

Inside the wash tank you will find a 3 stage eco filter system that filters the water 3 times ensuring no debris can get through to block or damage your machine.

On the bottom front of the commercial dishwasher there is a built-in rinse aid and detergent dispenser with a sight glass. The operator can clearly see when the levels are low and easily refill them.

As standard this machine comes with a rinse booster pump, drain pump and the detergent and rinse aid dosing units.

All of these fantastic features mean no matter what the conditions of the site are, the U500 can be set up there and then with no extras required.

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