As with any major catering equipment purchase, buying a commercial glasswasher can be a significant purchase and impact the entire operation of your bar. With the number of brand and model choices available it can be a confusing process. You want to buy the right unit for your operation at the right price. Under specify a glass washer and you’ll be struggling to offer customers fresh drinks. Over specify your glass washer and you’ll be spending money unnecessarily.

The good news is, there are a number of options available to suit every site. There are several leading brands who offer the very best in efficiency, performance, innovation and longevity. The bad news is, you have to try to decide which is right for you.

As a result we have created a list of the top 5 glasswashers we currently supply. These aren’t the only commercial glasswahers available but they are all units we supply. Giving us an understanding of their key selling points and also their longer term efficiency based on customer feedback.
These are the 5 standout commercial glasswashers we currently have available from companies Hobart, Maidaid and DC (Direct Catering).
Hobart Premax GPW-10B & GPSW-10B

1. Hobart Premax GPW-10B & GPSW-10B

Top of the class in performance and efficiency

Rack Rating: 60 p/hr (2160 glasses) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm Wash Tank: 10.6 ltrs  Water Cons: 2 p/cycle Cycle Times: 60 / 90 / 120 secs. & Special Programmes

+ Leading efficiency

+ Fantastic Performance for the busiest sites


Warranty length

The ultimate commercial glass washer, the Hobart Premax GPSW-10B. This warewasher is made for high performance. Designed and built for busy, larger bars, pubs and events companies. It is packed with innovative technology and unique features that aren’t available anywhere else.

As you would expect from a glasswasher of this calibre it is one of the most economical to run. What you pay upfront is more than recovered over the life of the machine.

The Hobart GPSW-10B features an easy to use, intelligent controller. Clip in upper and lower wash arms, for great wash results and easy cleaning and maintenance. It comes with an interlocking strainer to prevent blockages, coupled with the Genius X2 Filtration system. This keeps the wash water fresher for longer. One of the unique, standout features for the Premax model is the revolutionary INTESIV4 drying cycle. Your glassware not only comes out crystal clear and clean but also dry and ready to use. This really is the ultimate glasswasher.


2. Hobart Ecomax Plus G515W & G515SW

Mid-Tier Hobart, packing a heavy punch without the Premax price tag

Rack Rating: 60 p/hr (1500 glasses) Rack Size: 500 x 500 mm Wash Tank: 10.6 ltrs  Water Cons: 2.3 p/cycle Cycle Times: 60 / 120 / 180 secs.

+ Comprehensive Specification

+ Improved, easy to use control panel

– Additional racks are expensive

Warranty length

Next up is another Hobart, this time the mid-tier Ecomax Plus range. The G515SW and G515W.

The Hobart Ecomax Plus G515SW is the new and improved replacement for the popular G503S. It builds on the already impressive G503S and adds an even easier to use control panel and inbuilt USB interface for easy diagnostics.  This makes servicing, fault diagnoses and software updates quicker, easier and more cost effective. A third wash cycle has also been added, giving you more flexibility.

These new features are in addition to the Ecomax Plus’s already standout features. A small wash tank, double skinned door and cabinet, uprated wash pumps etc. This Hobart Ecomax Plus glasswasher continues to offer leading efficiency and performance within this price bracket whilst giving you more control and an easier machine to maintain. It is an incredibly efficient all rounder at this price point.


Hobart Ecomax G404W & G404SW Glasswasher

3. Hobart Ecomax G404W & G404SW

Hobart quality at a reasonable price. Perfect for smaller sites.

Rack Rating: 60 p/hr (960 glasses) Rack Size: 390 x 390 mm Wash Tank: 10 ltrs  Water Cons: 2 p/cycle Cycle Times: 60 / 120 secs.

Double skinned door reduces heat loss and noise

+ Upper & lower wash & rinse arms for complete glassware coverage

– Expensive accessories

Warranty length

A little embarrassingly, we have another Hobart glasshwasher in the 3rd slot. There is good reason for this however, it’s a very good machine. This time it is from the Hobart Ecomax range. The Hobart Ecomax G404SW and G404W provide Hobart’s German design and build quality at an affordable price point. It is the latest iteration of Hobarts smallest glasswasher. The G404SW is a compact, professional unit, perfect for placing under your bar and within easy reach.

Even though it’s Hobarts smallest offering, it still packs a punch. It comes with a built in drain pump, ensuring fast draining and refilling. Integral chemical dosing system, delivering accurate detergent and rinse aid dosing every time. The G404SW includes an inbuilt automatic water softenerTo minimise user error the G404 has an easy to use electronic control panel and digital temperature display. It includes upper and lower wash and rinse arms for complete wash coverage, a number of units of this size only have one wash arm.

All of this specification in a very compact yet powerful package.

Watch our Ecomax & Ecomax Plus comparison video here:


4. Maidaid C402 & C402D

A reliable, versatile, compact glasswasher with a 2-year warranty

Rack Rating: 40 p/hr Rack Size: 390 x 390 mm Wash Tank: 10 ltrs  Water Cons: 1.9 p/cycle Cycle Times: 90 / 120 / 140 secs.

+ Good spec. for the price point

2-year warranty

Pricing isn’t far from its German counterparts

Drain pump is an optional extra

New to Eco Catering Equipment, is the Maidaid C402 glasswasher. The C402/D offers a good level of spec. for a small glasswasher. Built around the 390×390 (mm) rack size, the Maidaid C402 glasswasher offers a decent level of options, making it suitable for smaller independent sites and busier bars that are pushed on space. It has a choice of 3-cycle options, 90, 120 and 150 seconds, allowing you to tailor it to your preferred requirements.

 A patented wash pump, coupled with partial double skin design and energy-saving mode, make this an effective and energy-efficient machine to own. The comprehensive, easy to use control panel along with a moulded wash tank and automatic self-cleaning function make this an incredibly easy machine to operate and maintain. Only time will tell, but we have a feeling this is going to be a very popular glasswasher.


DC SG40 Glasswasher

5. DC SG40

A solid workhorse, at an affordable price

Rack Rating: 30 p/hr (540 glasses) Rack Size: 400 x 400 mm Wash Tank: 14 ltrs  Water Cons: 2.4 p/cycle Cycle Times: 120 secs.

+ Cost effective solution under £1000

+ Flexible specification allows you to control the price and meet your budget

– Parts only warranty

Everything is an optional extra

The DC SG40 glasswasher is a great option if you run a smaller site with lower throughput requirements. The German units lead the way but they come at a cost and just aren’t necessary for some bars. DC glasswashers offer a simplified machine that does what it needs to do, washes glasses.

Everything is optional which can be a little frustrating but it does allow you to tailor your glasswasher to your specific requirements which means you’re not paying for features you don’t need. The SG40 is equipped with an easy to use control panel and a fixed 120 second wash cycle. It offers, simple, reliable performance, perfect for smaller sites. We like it’s simplistic approach. The DC SG40 provides a good, cost effective, professional glasswasher.


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