Why is Air & Surface Sterilisation important?

Complete air and surface sterilisation has been key for medical facilities for many years. Not until Covid, have we realised just how important it is to maintain the same levels of hygiene throughout all types of business, not just healthcare. Cleaning chemicals and hand wiping things down only goes so far. This is a new world where we are living with Covid, amongst other viruses. It is now more important than ever to sterilise the environment as a whole with suitable, professional sterilising equipment.

Lockdown and social distancing restrictions are being eased and in some cases, ceased altogether. Now is the time to make sure you are doing all you can to look after your team members and customers. You need to demonstrate your commitment to hygiene, to help ease everybody’s worries and concerns.

A number of customers are happy to get straight back on the social scene. However, there are still a lot of people who are very wary about social distancing rules being eased. They feel uncomfortable sitting in a busy restaurant or sleeping in a room they feel may not be truly clean. For a number of people, there is a real and understandable fear of getting back to normality.

Regularly and thoroughly sterilising is vital in the fight to prevent the spread of harmful diseases and bacterias. Bacterias develop in places that are time consuming and almost impossible to clean manually. This is why businesses should consider investing in air & surface sterilisation equipment. 

What are your options?

There are a variety of ways to sterilise your environments. At Eco Catering Equipment we are pleased to offer two comprehensive systems that work hand in hand with your current cleaning schedule.

Moduline PURE Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

The Moduline PURE is an automatic Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser. This sanitiser works by dispensing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) microparticles into a closed environment. Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide is a water and Hydrogen Peroxide based solution that is formulated to decontaminate the air and any surfaces. It coats everything in a thin layer of micro-condensation that is invisible to the naked eye. The Moduline HPV machine provides complete sanitisation for both air and surfaces. 

It is suitable for any environment. To be operated, the area has to be clear of people and any foods must be covered. However, the time taken to sanitise is short and, once completed, is completely safe for people to work or stay. This is the perfect solution at the end of a busy service as you clean up for the day or as guests leave their rooms and you’re prepping for new visitors. The Moduline PURE is the perfect system for sterilising Hotel Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants and Bars. 

Mechline HyGenikx Air & Surface Sterilisers

Mechline has designed the HyGenikx system to purify the air and sterilise surfaces. This technologically advanced, compact air and surface hygiene steriliser is the perfect solution for numerous sites. It has been proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout a variety of environments such as; restaurants and bars, washrooms, changing rooms, offices and medical facilities.

To ensure the system provides the best performance for its environment, Mechline has developed a HyGenikx for each of the following areas; general, food and refuse. They manufacture models of varying sizes to cover larger areas with units offering ranges of 10m2, 20m2 and 30m2.

The HyGenikx provides round-the-clock hygiene protection, helps control odours and has been proven to prolong the life of fresh, perishable foods. It is a sleek design and when mounted on the wall it is extremely discreet. They are available in a white or titanium finish so even if they are used in a front of house location, they will not look out of place

Who should sterilise?

Any site that has a number of people in a closed area. It is a great solution for places such as schools, hotels, restaurants, bars and many more.

Read more about the Moduline PURE on our website HERE: https://www.eco-catering-equipment.co.uk/moduline-hydrogen-peroxide-atomiser/

View our complete range of Mechline HyGenikx Units HERE: https://www.eco-catering-equipment.co.uk/everything-else/social-distancing-products/air-and-surface-sterilisers/ 

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