Liebherr Refrigeration are renowned for producing some of the most reliable, efficient commercial refrigeration equipment on the market.

In this video we spoke to Stephen from Liebherr who gave us an introduction to the Liebherr brand.

Leading the Way with Hydrocarbon

They are Austrian manufacturer and were one of the first companies in the world to use hydrocarbon refrigerant as standard. Hydrocarbon is an environmentally friendly alternative to other refrigerants currently available on the market.

Throughout the Liebherr range moulded interiors are used. This means Liebherr units are quicker and easier to clean and maintain because there are no ‘hard to see’ gaps or areas where dirt can build up.

The Highest Possible Standard

Liebherr build all of their products to the highest standard and this is the reason they have such a strong reputation within the industry. Every model produced has a gas leak test and electrical safety test to ensure they conform to strictest manufacturing and refrigeration regulations. Every model has a certificate of conformity to provide the end user with complete peace of mind.

As a brand Liebherr pride themselves on being a long term purchase. For that reason they carry parts for a minimum of 10 years for every model produced.

All models that carry the Liebherr name are produced in-house. Liebherr is all about quality, design and innovation.

For example, Liebherr has a 600 litre cabinet with an energy rating of A, which in the commercial fridge sector is a rarity. Their factory has 16 test laboratories that are independently certified every year by Inter Tech in Germany. Energy consumption is at the forefront of Liebherr’s design process.

Recently they brought out a new range of Supermarket cabinets which are 20% cheaper to run than their nearest competitor, a significant saving.


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