Valentine are known for producing some of the most reliable and efficient commercial fryers available in the hospitality market place. Their deep fat fryers have the option to add a pumped oil filtration system. The filters are finer than a human hair, keeping the oil cleaner for longer. Maximising your oil usage and improving cooking quality.

In this useful video, we will help guide you through how to use and clean the optional pumped filtration system.

Valentines Smart Filter System

In this video we are using the the Valentine Evo twin tank electric fryer with the optional in-built pumped oil filtration system. However, for your reference this system and its operation are the same on all models with the optional filtration system.

The filtration system will pump twice filtered oil back into the pan.

The Filtering Process

The first step is to drain the tank. To do this, press the red drain valve safety catch and turn the red drain valve lever into a vertical position. Any food debris and oil will be drained from the tank into the oil bucket below.

Once the tank has been drained and is empty, place the discharge pipe into the outlet and click into place. Ensuring that the discharge pipe is over the pan that needs filling. The oil is filtered through the microfilter and returned to the pan. At the end of the filtration time the pump will switch itself off.

Next, carefully remove the oil bucket from beneath the tank, trying to avoid spillage. As you remove the bucket the oil pick up tube will lift upwards as you do this. You can then remove the mesh filter and wipe out any food debris. The clean bucket and mesh can then be replaced and the door closed.

Emptying and the Clean Down

Before proceeding to clean your Valentine Fryer ensure that all switches are in the off position, including the main power isolator. Then make sure the oil temperature is below 40°C.

Check the oil bucket is empty.

The basket hanger and element head cover need to be removed and kept in a safe place. Then, press the red drain valve safety catch and turn the red drain valve lever into the vertical position. Any oil and food debris will drain into the oil bucket.

When the oil has completely drained, take the element lifting rod which can be found behind the door, on the left-hand side of the oil bucket. Lift the element out to the first drain position and allow any excess oil to drain off.

After the excess oil has drained off, the element can be lifted into the cleaning position. When the oil has drained move the drain valve to the horizontal position and carefully take the bucket out of the Valentine fryer. Remove the mesh filter and carefully pour the oil into a container ready for safe disposal. Clean up any spillages immediately. The bucket and mesh filter can then be placed back into the commercial fryer and the door closed.

When the fryer has cooled down and no longer needed place the cover over the fryer, this can be found on the inside of the door.

We hope you this video useful. If you do need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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