Gram Refrigeration are a Danish manufacturer of high end commercial refrigeration. Their reputation comes from making some of the most durable, energy efficient commercial fridges and freezers in Europe.

In this video Max shows us a cabinet from the Gram Compact range, one of Grams biggest sellers. It’s called the compact range for that exact reason, they have a small footprint and come in a variety of sizes. They have 200, 300, 400 and 600 litre options. Even though they are compact in size, they maximise the storage capacity.

The compact range comes with a full 5 year warranty and are extremely energy efficient, both significant benefits to the end user.

This fantastic range of refrigerators and freezers are perfect for smaller establishments such as school nurseries, nursing homes, coffee shops and cafeterias. There is a product for everybody to fit in the smaller kitchens.

They come with a stainless steel exterior and an ABS interior. All of the models have an integral door handle, this runs all the way down the side of the door for ease of use. They also feature an easy to use, digital control panel at the top as well as a door lock.

Within the fridge itself there are ABS moulded shelf runners, this means there are no additional runners or wall rails to remove, lose or damage. The shelves fit directly into the runners. The Gram 410 model comes with 6 shelves and the Gram 210 and Gram 310 have 3 shelves.

The temperature range is very flexible and can be controlled via the digital panel on along the top.


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