In the mixology and cocktail industry, it is imperative you have the best ingredients and the best equipment to work with. In this video, Tim from Eco Catering spoke with Myles from the Mixology Group in Brighton. They discussed why the right ice machine is so important. Myles talks about the benefits of having the right ice machine and shows us how to make cocktails stand out using Hoshizaki’s unique spherical and large cube ice machines.

The Mixology Group runs a cocktail school where students are taught how to make, serve and present cocktails. Within their facility, they have the Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q sphere ice machine and the large 240kgs Hoshizaki IM-240NE-HC ice cuber.

“Ice Keeps Your Drinks Stronger for Longer”

There is a really good saying in the industry. “Ice keeps your drinks stronger for longer.” However that is only determined by the amount of ice in the glass. You must have the the correct ratio of spirits and mixer. If there isn’t enough ice in the glass you have too much mixer and therefore what you pay money for, the alcohol, is over diluted. The ice also has to maintain its integrity and not dilute the alcohol by melting too quickly. This is why Hoshizaki’s ice machines are the brand of choice for so many professionals.

Ice Balls!

For something a little different Hoshizaki ice spheres are a great choice to add a little drama. Matching the correct glass to the ice is also important to give the full impact. Using the right ice and glass combination allows you to take a reasonably unrefined cocktail, for example a Pina Colada, and turn it into a fun and quite refined drink. If a beverage is served well, the perceived value of the drink is increased which ultimately leads you to make more money.

However, appearance isn’t all that matters. Spheres have a smaller surface area ratio compared to squares, which means there is less dilution and drinks will stay stronger for longer. For most people, this is absolutely amazing!

The Big Cube

As well as the spherical ice machine, Hoshizaki have a machine that can produce one of the largest ice cubes. This is the Hoshizaki IM-65NE-LM. It produces 48 x 48 x 58 mm cubes. This allows you to really offer a unique drink experience and try something quite fun and interesting. For example, stamping the bar logo on top of the cube, which looks good and again increases the perceived value of the beverage.

One of the reasons Hoshizaki ice machines are so good is because most ice programmes have three to four hours a day of work or mise en place that has to be carried out. The Hoshizaki ice machines do it all for you. This means you can focus your time and your teams time on something else, which is very important for a modern bartender.


View the Hoshizaki IM-65NE-Q spherical ice machine here:

View the Hoshizaki IM-65NE-LM large ice machine here:

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  1. Hoshizaki ice machines are reliable hospitality equipment that can provide many years of trouble free service when correctly maintained. With regular condenser filter cleans and water filter replacement, they are a valuable asset to any bar or restaurant.

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