We wanted to give you a quick and simple guide to the long term shutdown of your commercial fridges and freezers.

There is no doubt that a lot of us are in an unprecedented situation with the majority of the hospitality sector closing its doors and kitchens. Something none of us would’ve considered a possibility only a matter of weeks ago.

With your kitchens closed for such an extended period, we understand that many of you will be looking to turn everything off, including your refrigeration equipment. We have created this quick guide to help you turn off your commercial fridges and freezers so they’re ready to go the moment you reopen.

  • Remove all food products from the unit/s
  • Turn off and isolate from the electrical and remove the plug from the socket where applicable
  • For freezers, open the door to allow the unit to defrost and return to room temperature
  • Remove all shelves and tray slides and clean with a suitable sanitiser
  • Wipe down and clean all internal surfaces with a suitable sanitiser
  • Wash away the sanitiser with fresh, clean water
  • Replace shelves and tray slides
  • Dry down the interior
  • Leave the door ajar to allow airflow. Using a towel or something of that nature to stop the door from self-closing

By following these simple steps your refrigeration equipment will be fresh and ready to go when you next need it.

For cold rooms, we would recommend you contact the manufacturer and ask for guidance on long term shut down procedures.


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