With the outbreak of Covid-19, all businesses in every sector have had to look seriously at how they introduce new practices to improve the hygiene of their premises. This is necessary to provide a safe environment for their team and customers alike. The hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and the nature of the industry means we’re going to have to lead the way when it comes to effective hygiene and sterilisation processes. Increased hand washing, masks, gloves, distancing measures and thorough cleaning are all going to be part of the new norm. As we all navigate these new working practises we are going to have to look at the most efficient and effective cleaning methods available to us. To make sure our teams and customers are as comfortable and safe as possible. This is why we are introducing the new Moduline Pure sterilisation solution.

What is the Moduline PURE?

The Moduline PURE is an automatic Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser.  The sanitiser works by dispensing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) microparticles into a closed environment. Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide is a water and Hydrogen Peroxide based solution that is designed to decontaminate the air and any surfaces by coating it in a thin layer of micro-condensation that is invisible to the naked eye. The Moduline HPV machine provides complete sanitisation for both air and surfaces. Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide naturally bio-degrades into water and oxygen which makes it residue-free and makes it one of the most environmentally friendly methods of decontamination.

How does it work?

Here’s the technical bit. This clever machine works by dispensing a vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide solution into the room it is placed in. The solution creates an invisible layer of micro-condensation through the air and on any surface. The Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (7.5%) is extremely effective in the inactivation of the Covid-19 virus both in the air and on surfaces. 

The Hydrogen Peroxide molecules act as an oxidant towards the enzymatic system of micro-organisms which releases water and frees the oxygen atoms.

The membranes of the virus contain calcium and sodium chloride. When sodium chloride comes in contact with the OH hydroxyl radicals that are released by the nebulization process it transforms into active chlorine Cl-2 which kills the membranes.

The biocide action of the Hydrogen Peroxide is also effective at neutralising other viruses and bacteria which may be present.

Who and where is it suitable for

It is suitable for any environment that can be free from people and animals during the process. 

The Moduline PURE is the perfect system for sterilising Hotel Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants and Bars amongst many other environments.

For example, you use it in a hotel room after check out to aid in the deep clean and sterilisation of the room before the next guests arrive. When service has finished in your restaurant, operate the unit both in the front and back of house. The Moduline PURE will help protect your team and customers from harmful bacteria and the potential spread of viruses.

It can also be used in medical facilities such as hospitals, pharmacies, care homes and any other medical environments.

It is also a great way to sterilise any form of public transport after service.

What are the advantages of using the Moduline PURE?

Using the Moduline PURE Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser comes with a number of benefits. The most important in this current climate is in the fight against Covid-19 as well as MRSA infection.

It is easy to operate which means staff require minimal training.

It works extremely quickly and efficiently which helps to save time in manual cleaning and sterilisation. The chemicals used are not corrosive which means no furniture or appliances in the environment need to be replaced but food does have to be covered.

The Moduline PURE is completely safe in operation and comes with a 15-second start delay to allow the user to exit the room before sterilisation starts.

The whole process is tested and approved by an independent laboratory ISTIB.

How much does it cost to run? (An example)

The cost to run the Moduline PURE depends on the size of a room. Below is an example of how much it costs to run it for a room with the following dimensions; 2.5 metres (H) x 4 metres (W) x 6 metres (L)

Chemical Cost Breakdown

Chemicals (Litres) Cost (£)
Hydrogen Peroxide cost per 5 Litres £230
Hydrogen Peroxide cost per 1 Litres £46
Hydrogen Peroxide cost per CL £0.46

Chemical Coverage

Cubic Metres Covered 10 Meters per CL

Room Dimensions (L x W x H = Room Dimensions in Metres Cubed)

Length (M) Width (M) Height (M) Total (Metres Cubed)
Room Dimensions 6 4 2.5 60

Cost To Treat Room (Room Dimensions in Metres Cubed ÷ 10 x Chemical Cost per CL)

Room Dimensions (Metres Cubed) Cubic Metres Covered (per CL) Chemical Cost per CL (£) Cost Per Room


60 10 £0.46 £2.76

How to operate the Moduline PURE

This unit has been designed with ease of use and fast results at the forefront. It features a very simple control panel which can be operated quickly and easily. 

To operate the Moduline PURE, you first place the unit in the corner of the room that needs to be sterilised. 

Once the unit is in place and you’ve calculated the approximate volume of the room in metres cubed, you then enter this number into the sterilisers simple control panel. 

Once you have entered the room dimensions and covered anything that needs to be covered (for example food products) press the start button and exit the room within 15 seconds. 

After 15 seconds the unit will begin the cycle and an audible alarm will sound to indicate this. 

When the process is finished allow 20 minutes before entering the room. After this time it is safe to proceed with the rest of the manual cleaning process.


To see, buy or read more about the Moduline PURE on our website HERE: https://www.eco-catering-equipment.co.uk/moduline-hydrogen-peroxide-atomiser/


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