Becky from sales has got together with Greg, a development chef from Hobart to give you and overview of the new Hobart Bonnet Precijet+ Combination Oven!

Do you need to be more space efficient in your kitchen? The Hobart Bonnet Precijet+ Combi oven is perfect for cooking in a wide range of ways. This means that you can remove other kitchen equipment that you don’t need any more, whilst still having great cooking options, just within one unit! The Hobart Bonnet Precijet+ can cook near enough everything you need. Just a few examples are:

•    roasting
•    sous vide
•    boiling potatoes
•    cooking rice
•    cooking pasta
•    fast roasting meat
•    slowly braised meat
•    pastries
•    drying out herbs and fruit
•    and more!
Being an industry leader in cooking equipment, Hobart are at the forefront of technology within their units. The Precijet+ Combination oven comes complete with:

Timer Options- One example of the smart timer technology inbuilt within the unit is that the units allows a different timer on each individual rack. This is excellent for cooking meals with various components such as a full English breakfast at the same time, within just one unit!

Overnight cook setting- This setting allows an automatic cook over night so your product is ready when you come back to the kitchen in the morning!

Probe facility- The Precijet+ comes with a probe facility that can be inserted into any meat. The combination oven’s software can then monitor the cook of this product. Once reached the specified temperature the oven will automatically stop, and start flashing so you can see the cook has finished from across the room.
The size options for the Precijet+ are 10, 20 and 40 grid. The 10 grid unit provides space for 6 basic GN trays and can cook 120 chicken breasts at one time; perfect for banquets and the demand for a large catering event. All units are capable of a large throughput!

User Interface

Hobart’s Precijet+ Combi ovens can be tailored to your restaurant. For this reason they can be as simple or as technical as you wish. The user interface allows you to choose the options you want. Simply adjust the temperature, and press start which will begin the basic cook. You can also take advantage of it’s industry leading technology which allows you to tailor the cooking to your menu. Each Precijet+ oven comes complete with a FastPad system. This is a software that allows you to develop dishes and programs on your laptop that can then be download onto a usb stick and inserted into the USB port in the Precijet+ combi oven. From here you can upload all your products, and begin using your tailored system!

If you are struggling with any of this, or simply want some training, Hobart can come out to your business to help and assist you with learning this piece of technology.


With this machine, all you need to do is press two buttons, and you are onto a clean. It is a very simple clean down process.


Hobart offer lifetime training on all of their products, whether this is training all staff when you purchase the unit, or simply want a refresher later on. Greg, or a member of the sales team, can come to your business in order to train or retrain your staff.

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