So what are the benefits of steaming in a Hobart Bonnet High Speed Steamer? Becky from Sales has gotten together with Greg, the development chef from Hobart to find out more

The main benefit of steaming is that vegetables, fish and a wide range of other foods can cook in next to no time whilst retaining their vitamins and minerals. Broccoli can be cooked in just 45 seconds. Hobart’s high speed steamer is able to do this by cooking under extreme pressure and high intensity, which in turn gives the speedy cooking result!

When vegetables are being cooked in the unit, juices, vitamins and minerals are kept within the product. This is because of the intense pressure that the food product is being put through, as the vitamins try to escape the product, the pressure pushes the vitamins and minerals back into the product. This means the vegetables retain the colour and ‘goodness’, great for appearance and health benefits

Control Panel-

Atmospheric Steam: Is the very first option and is same cooking as what is used in a combination oven

1/2 Bar of Pressure: A good option if you are cooking delicate fish such as plaice fillets as this setting won’t break the fillet

1 Bar of Pressure: This will be used the majority of the time Firstly choose the setting, time and temperature then simply press ‘Go’

Hobart’s High Speed Steamers can cook a wide range of food items for example 18 salmon fillets can be placed on each 1/1 gastronome pan. 3 gastronome pans can fit into the larger unit. This means 54 portions of salmon can be cooked in 3 minutes 30 seconds.

There is a full size version 305GB-10 and Hobart also do a 1/2 GN version 205GB-10

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