Are you a robot!?

Quite some time ago we decided to launch a ‘Live Chat’ service on our website. Giving our customers another method of communicating with us. Whether that be from their mobile device or PC they could instantly talk to us without even needing to pick up the phone.

We’re happy to report that even though the service can have its limitations, sometimes a phone call is the best option for in depth discussions, we have found the service to be well regarded with our customers with positive feedback across the board.

However, as more companies and websites have started to roll out their own chat services it invariably means there are third party companies out there trying to capitalise and turn a personalised chat service into an almost automated system and offer software and services to do this, because of this we are finding more and more customers asking the same questions at the beginning of a chat. So to clear up any uncertainty we can answer the two stand out questions that are often asked:

Are you a robot?

No we are not, we are real people. Sounds like a silly question? Not at all, with companies trying to automate services there has been a steep increase in AI systems, or robots (bots) as a number of people like to refer to them. These systems are getting quite clever and intuitive but can only answer the basics. We can assure you we are real!

Are you in a call centre?

Nope, we’re here in the office, anybody answering our live chat service is one of the team. Nothing is contracted out to a third-party company.

In our minds a ‘Live Chat’ service is not an excuse to reduce service, it as a way to make it easier and less time consuming for you to contact us. It reduces the need to send an email or even pick up the telephone. We’re here to serve you and make life as easy and hassle free as possible. Hence the reason why our chat service is and will remain manned by the team members within our office.

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