Foster +StayClear can now be found in the majority of the Foster G2 Cabinet range. But what does this actually mean?

Traditional refrigerators and freezers are fitted with condensers with fins which aid airflow and cooling. Despite these fins being quite compact in their design, the condenser is more likely to get blocked by grease and dust from your commercial kitchen. If your fridge does become blocked, air flow is restricted and heat will escape. This stresses the refrigeration components, leading to less efficient running and potential breakdown.

Foster have taken this problem and created a solution. Their +StayClear concept is built with ‘Aero Foil Tubes’ that improve airflow and significantly reduce the chances of dust build-up and blockages. This allow your fridge or freezer whilst being a more efficient system in operation

This unique design, allows your unit to run more efficiently and reduce running costs. With the +StayClear technology also producing a reliable and stable machine, improving food safety.

To learn more about this condenser in more depth, check out Foster’s new video