How to Operate the Hobart Profi AMX and Hobart Premax ranges of Hood dishwashers.

Hobart know that operators need quick and simple to operate dishwashers. There is nothing worse than an overly complicated piece of kitchen equipment. You need to keep things simple. When time is of the essence and operators want simplicity.

That’s why Hobart have made their Profi-AMX & Premax-AUP Hood Dishwashers simple to operate with a ‘one button operation’ control panel.

On initial start up the easy to see button will turn green in quarters to show you which stage of heating up it is at. When fully green, the dishwasher is ready for service.

The hood dishwasher will automatically select the standard wash unless you specify otherwise. It is here you can choose varying times and special cycles depending on what type of wash you require.

To begin a cycle, simply press the green button and your machine will start washing. The button will then turn blue, telling you that it is in operation, the colour will change in quarters giving a countdown.

When the wash cycle has finished, the button will show as fully green again, with an audible sound, to tell you that it has finished.

At the end of the day when you have finished your washing, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. It will empty, drain down and switch itself off. You can then give the dishwasher your end of service clean down

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