The Ecomax Plus H603 is one of Hobart’s best-selling hood dishwashers. Stuart from Hobart explains the features and benefits of this machine!

The wrap around handle is an excellent feature allowing you to work with the dishwasher at all angles, making it easier for the user to lift the hood up. The four-sided hood encloses steam, for energy saving benefits as well as saving the expense of having a condense canopy above the machine.

The rack insert is removable, giving you easy access to anything that might have dropped into the wash tank and for easy clean down. The H603 has an integral softener option (H603S) incase you live in a hard water area and need to prevent limescale build up.

The control panel has the same features as the rest of the Ecomax Plus range making it easy to use. This unit also comes with 2 cycle options, one for a quick wash, the other for more heavily soiled dishes.


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