Becky from Eco and Stuart from Hobart discuss the F503 Undercounter Dishwasher.
The F503 is German built, and is one of Hobarts best selling dishwashers.
It is a double skinned undercounter dishwasher. This means it has reduced noise levels and prevents heat loss, a great way for your business to save money.
The F503 is designed to reduce water consumption without impacting the results. Less water used means you will use less electricity, less detergent and less rinse aid.
The door is counter balanced for ease of use. Better for the operator and less prone to damage.
Easy to clean, this dishwasher has a one piece tank with rounded corners and no seals or grooves. This means no dirt or debris gets trapped making it quick and easy to wipe down after service.
The double racking capability allows you to wash two racks at one time, dramatically reducing the number of cycles required.
Upper and lower wash and rinse arms means a thorough, consistent wash.
The integral softener option, found in the F503S is perfect for your kitchen if it’s in a hard water area. The softener prevents limescale build up, helping protect your dishwasher.


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