For any site that needs to wash pots, pans, containers and trays in an effective and efficient manor, Hobart Utensil Washers are an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

No More Pot Wash Sinks

Manually cleaning your larger items with a pot wash sink is a very labour intensive, inefficient task and can also lead to potential hygiene issues. Utensil washers are an easier and far quicker way for your team to clean your larger, heavily soiled items. As well improving working conditions and the performance of your kitchen team, you will also see a significant improvement in consumption, with Hobart utensil washers making significant savings on water, detergent and electricity/gas for heating the water. Savings of several thousand pounds a year are the norm for many sites switching from pot wash sinks, particularly when switching to Hobart’s industry leading utensil washers.

Recently Chris of Hobart gave Becky an overview of the Hobart Utensil Washers and a breakdown of the key benefits and features.

Health and Safety

“For a number of sites that are washing utensils, the standard option is to have two pot wash sinks. However, the problem is it’s a very labour intensive, dirty job. With water often being spilt on the floor, which needs mopping up, creating its own health, safety and hygiene risks.

Utilising a utensil washer comes with many benefits. For example they are easier and quicker to use and far more hygienic.

Big Savings

Utensil washers not only save staff time but are far more cost effective to run. This is mainly down to how little water they use in comparison to a standard pot wash sink system.

For example, a Hobart Utensil Washer was recently installed in a school and a running cost comparison was undertaken. When the results came back it showed an annual saving of nearly £7000 when compared to their previous pot wash sinks.

Maximising Space

Hobart have a variety of different models within their product lineup. One such unit is from the Hobart Premax range. This highly specified warewasher carries several unique features that won’t be found on other washers. One key feature is the utilisation of the sides, mounting wash and rinse arms there. Side rails allow you to slide gastronorm pans down the side, maximising the chamber space. This gives you up to three times the capacity compared to other utensil washer, whilst minimising the warewashers footprint.

No Need to Scrub

As we know gastronorm pans can be an unpleasant item to scrub clean. The Premax’s side mounted system sprays detergent directly onto the pans, then holds for 30 seconds, allowing it to soak into the grease and the wash cycle begins. Heavily soiled, stubborn pans are washed without any manual scrubbing.

The Hobart Premax Utensil Washer range also includes a steam option. The steam function is a fantastic feature which significantly enhances the wash results on particularly difficult items whilst keeping waster usage to a minimum.

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