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Making A Splash: The Development of the Water Boiler

Whilst searching for new kitchen equipment, it can be easy to overlook the smaller components in favour of the bigger units, like warewashers or ovens. However, for many businesses, keeping up to date with the latest market trends means investing in quality products no matter the size or requirements - like a good water boiler. As the need for user-friendly, efficient and variable temperature water boilers evolves in the foodservice industry, how are water boiler manufacturers adapting?

Recently, it’s become apparent that in order to keep up with the foodservice demand for specialist teas, water boilers need to be able to deliver different temperatures for different premium brews. It’s become important to give the customer the perfect brew on their tea, particularly if this can have a significant impact on the taste and if they’re paying a higher price for it, so it’s important you look towards easy to use water boilers that can vary temperature to give you the best results. Brands like Lincat have noted this trend, and developed products such as the EB3FX/TT, which features twin tanks that can be set at separate temperatures. This provides more flexibility for you when brewing drinks, allowing you to expand your beverage options, ultimately increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

But this market shift towards premium teas and coffees brings with it an increase in demand on the already heavy usage that water boilers see in the foodservice industry, so it’s important for you to pick efficient and robust units to see you through. These units also need to be user-friendly, and so, many of Burco’s water boilers, including units such as the AFWM3 and PLSAFCT20LTT, have simple button operation and digital read out to make them both more appealing and easier to manage. The Burco range also comes with an ‘eco-mode’ which is designed to reduce water usage during quieter periods, meaning that the unit is more efficient both economically and environmentally for the operator.

Automatic appliances like the Lincat FilterFlow range, Instanta’s CPF2100 Autofill boiler, and Burco's BCPLSAFCT10L Autofill boiler also include built-in filtration systems that improve water quality and help to reduce the build-up of scale, increasing the lifespan of the unit. It’s features like these that you need to consider when you’re deciding upon the right appliance for your business, as it’s important you take into account what the demand upon the water boiler might be to help you determine the right size and output capacity. Learning what the latest innovations in boiler technology are and how they can help you will also help you make an informed decision when you make your purchase.

As the foodservice market diversifies, and the trend of specialist teas and brews increases, many manufacturers are developing water boilers even further; Burco’s releasing a range of variable temperature boilers hoping to keep up with the upswing in premium beverage sales, whilst Lincat’s water boiler and chiller combination would further capitalise on this. Whatever the trends, though, it’s important that you invest in a durable, user-friendly, quality appliance, because one thing’s for certain - the water boiler is here to stay.

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