Vogue Vinyl Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag - 455mm

Vogue Vinyl Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag - 455mm

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The Vogue Insulated Vinyl Pizza Delivery Bag is excellent for any establishment offering a pizza delivery service. Each bag has padded, insulated panels that help the bag retain heat. This ensures the pizzas arrive hot, for maximum customer satisfaction. The spacious dimensions off the bag mean you can fit three pizza boxes inside which reduces the need to buy multiple bags. The vinyl material is robust, durable and water-resistant allowing for transportation without the need for a cover. Designed to cope with the rigours of takeaway transportation this bag will not need replacing regularly. The opening flap is secured by velcro for maximum security, keeping the contents safe from falling whilst retaining heat. The velcro also provides quick, easy access to the contents. A versatile bag and a great option not just for pizza but other hot food types.

Complete with:

  • 3 pizza box capacity
  • Insulated panels keep contents warmer for longer
  • Vinyl material is robust, durable and water-resistant
  • Spacious inside for maximum capacity
  • Velcro opening flap keeps contents secure whilst providing quick and easy access
  • Great for transporting pizza and other hot food types


  • Capacity - 3 Pizza Boxes
  • Product Code - S482
  • Dimensions - 195 (h) x 455 (w) 455 (d) (mm)
  • Material - Insulated Vinyl
  • Insulated - Yes
  • Colour - Red
  • Unpacked Weight - 520g

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