Miele PG8059

(Thermal Freshwasher) Undercounter Dishwasher

Miele PG8059

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The Miele PG8059 Professional Thermal Disinfector Dishwasher has a default temperature of 85°C which more then exceeds the Department of Health’s recommendation of a two minute cycle at 82°C.
If need be the Miele Multitronic Novo Vario also has the flexibility to work between temperatures of 30°C and 93°C whilst holding a cycle time of 1-10 minutes in both main wash and final rinse. As the PG8059  is fitted with an integrated Condenser system, even at high wash and rinse temperatures there are no external steam or aerosol emissions. In addition, there is the fail safe feature of the electro thermal door lock which ensures that the wash load cannot be removed until the programme – and therefore thermal disinfection – has been completed.

It is ideal particularly for the healthcare sectors such as NHS Trusts, hospital wards, care homes and nursing home kitchens where a very high stringent levels of hygiene must be maintained


  • The 4 standard cleaning programmes include 3 disinfecting programmes.
  • Activated start in 30' increments up to 9 h and 30 min
  • Single knob programme selector switch
  • Holding times between 1 and 10 mins and temperatures between 30°C and 93°C can be selected for the main wash and final rinse.
  • Shortest programme cycle is 5 minutes
  • Final rinse temperatures up to 85°C
  • Up to 40 cycles per day
  • Thermal disinfection at 93°C held for up to 10mins
  • Water intake via flowmeter
  • NOVOTRONIC Novo Vario controls


  • Two rack levels for maximum capacity- Up to 456 plates in lower basket and furthur items of crockery in upper basket
  • Highest efficiency up to 40 cycles per day

Cleaning Technology

  • Three spray arms for intensive cleaning
  • Incorporates a Type A air gap that provides maximum backflow protection when connected to mains water (this prevents dirty water from flowing back into the machine via the drain hose)
  • Hygienic fresh water system with change of water after every wash stage


  • 230V, 50 Hz, 13A
  • 1.8 Mains cable with moulded 13A plug


  • Single inlet hose for cold or hot water (70°C) 0.5-10 bar pressure
  • Drain pump DN 22; delivery head: 100 cm; max drainage length: 400cm


  • Wash cabinet with 2 levels with high capacity
  • 2 spray arms (3rd spray arm is in the upper basket) producing thorough cleaning results
  • Professional Monobloc Water softener with continual reactivation during the cleaning programme
  • Steam condenser/heat exchanger for minimum water consumption that prevents emission of steam and hot air into the room
  • Can be operated without connection to vent ducting (low installation costs)
  • 4-stage suds filtration system with wide area filter, coarse filter, glass splinter filter and micro-fine filter
  • Electro thermal door lock - safety for personnel

Optional Extras

  • DOS G 60 module dispenser pump for liquid cleaning agents which results in ease of operation for staff and reduced costs through optimum dosage
  • Consistent results
  • Decor frame for decor panels H 570.5/W 587/Thickness up to 1.2 (mm) (will fit into existing run of units)
  • Plinth (Heights 30 and 52 cm) for ergonomic loading and unloading


  • Temperature and programme duration
  • programme sequence display
  • programme end display
  • service and fault check lights
  • Disinfection light

Safety Features

  • A fail safe feature of the elector thermal door lock which ensures that the wash load cannot be removed until the programme - and therefore thermal disinfection has been completed
  • Waterproof system to avoid leaks
  • salt and rinse aid indicator lights
  • spray arm control
  • child proof door lock


  • 850 (h) x 600 (w) x 600 (d) (mm)


  • Front loading machine with drop down door
  • Suitable for use freestanding or can be slotted under a countertop
  • Double Skin body - Excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Wash  cabinet and spray arms in high grade stainless steel


  • Construction - Post and panel space frame assembly for easy service access
  • Interface - Optical interface for serving
  • Freestanding, white casing, plastic lid or stainless steel (additional cost)
  • Decor frames to take decor panel (optional)

WRAS Approved Product

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