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Water filters extend product lifespan

Commercial catering establishments have been re-educated over the years on the importance of using water filters in high throughput machines, such as dishwashers and glasswashers. Now water filters are being incorporated into even more commercial catering appliances, from small items such as coffee machines, to 20 grid combination ovens.

Proper filtration of hard water removes minerals and calcium that would normally build up over time creating limescale, by preventing limescale build up you prolong the life of the equipment, improve results and performance and avoid costly downtime. Filtering hard water will also improve the taste and produces a much better end product for beverages, ice and steamed food.

As well as choosing the right filtration it is equally important to regularly service and maintain. Filters will only keep working correctly with regular housekeeping -  such as replacing cartridges, topping up salt levels and regenerating manual softeners.

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