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True Refrigeration and Eco Catering

Eco Catering are excited to announce our new partnership with True Refrigeration, we are now authorised distributors for the True range.

A number of products can already be found on our site with more to follow.

True are perhaps not as well known in the UK as some of it’s peers however they have been supplying the UK commercial sector for many, many years with some very notable household names as their customers. In the USA, their place of origin, they are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of domestic and commercial refrigeration, a point well worth noting.

We have found that True have a slightly mixed reception with customers in the UK, it has to be said, ourselves included initially. This has nothing to do with reliability, their 5 year warranty puts pay to that, but when it comes to efficiency they can sometimes look to be lacking when compared to the competition. However initial energy efficiency scores only tell part of the story. The general opinion of the USA’s take on efficiency is not always the best when you read the headlines. Also regulations are different in the US to those of the UK and Europe. It also stems, in part, from Trues insistence that chilling and holding temperature is their priority, everything else comes second. Whilst other manufacturers are chasing efficiency scores True are chasing reliability in harsh climate conditions.

Whilst efficiency is important, particularly to us here at Eco, it’s as equally important to have food stored safely and at the correct temperatures. The current climate, as we write this, proves, well, true! Reports of breakdowns are at an all-time high with the hot, humid weather and it seems there aren’t enough refrigeration engineers. True on the other hand are not experiencing any increase in call outs. This speaks volumes in itself.

With any refrigeration the main priority is that it stores your food correctly, for food safety and to prevent it from spoiling and losing stock which is lost revenue.

Kitchens and bars however are generally warm and harsh environments and refrigeration has to work hard, most of the time, particularly on hot summer’s days. What shows as a good energy score in a controlled test doesn’t always translate quite as well into the real world working environment. This is where we find True perform well. Due to the varying climates in the US and customers insistence on an ice cold beer, True's products have been designed to chill effectively even when things are getting very warm.

Once and refrigerator, freezer, bottle cooler or whatever it may be is in situ and temperatures rise, particularly in the summer months, lesser machines start to work far harder. If you were to run a test it would be quite disconcerting to see just how much more energy would be used in lesser units, the unit’s efficiency would fall dramatically and in some cases the units would not be able to cope. Resulting in loss of product or food not being stored safely. In a bar, bottle coolers struggle to cool drinks and you end up serving warm beer and wine. A sure-fire way to drive customers away.

Because of True's origins and its need to perform in some very demanding environments you will find their products carry on regardless, keep the food as it should and allow you to pour a nice chilled drink.

As mentioned previously, True stand behind their products, with a 5-year parts and labour warranty and a life time guarantee on their door hinges, they have complete faith in their units and their ability to stand up to the rigours of a commercial kitchen environment.

For these reasons, amongst others, we feel True Refrigeration equipment has a definite place here at Eco Catering, giving us the opportunity to offer our customers and even more diverse range of industry leading commercial refrigeration and bar equipment

There is an extensive range of refrigerated and freezer cabinets, counters, bar coolers and the ever popular prep stations, all of which are readily available from us as Eco Catering. 

To discuss your refrigeration requirements or for more information about True and what we can offer please contact us.


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