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Helping you choose the right refrigeration

When you’re making choices with the best interests of your business at heart, every decision you make needs to be thoroughly considered and weighed up - whether it’s what colour to paint your walls, what members of staff to hire… or, what refrigeration equipment to choose. Every choice is vital to the success of your business, so it’s crucial that you make the right one that will keep both you and your customers happy. Here, then, are the top 5 industry tips for making sure that you’re going in fully prepared when it comes to choosing your fridges.

1) Starting simply, you need to know that you’ve got the space to house your equipment. Choosing models with front-breathing and venting systems allow you to place them under your counters, saving valuable space. Picking multi-functional equipment, such as fridges with prep-counter tops allow your chefs to work on the surface and have direct access to the contents within.

2) What’s inside the fridge itself is just as important as what you put in it, too. Choosing a fan assisted model means that you’re not wasting valuable cold air when you open and close the door, if you’re really looking to maximise efficiency and sustainability. A self-closing door would also be ideal. To make the most of your inside space, look for a model with removable or adjustable shelves, allowing you to be flexible with the room within and will keep up with the ever-changing demands of your kitchen.

3) It’s important that your model is easy to clean. Time can be tight, but it’s crucial that refrigeration equipment is cleaned often, so choosing a fridge that saves both time and effort but still keeps you in line with food safety standards and guidelines like HACCP can be the best decision. Easy to access refrigerators and freezers with removable door seals and shelves can be the best way forward when choosing your products.

4) Making sure you’ve got the aftercare you need for your equipment is also vital. Buying from the UK doesn’t only benefit British companies, after all. Making more local purchases ensures that you’re given access to quick after-sales support, and allows you to obtain spare parts with ease. Either a UK manufacturer or a company with a well-represented UK presence makes sense when it comes to the long term working life of your units.

5) And to the most important consideration - sustainability! Buying from within the UK also helps to reduce your carbon footprint, as does buying from neighbouring European countries, the further away the manufacturing plant, the greater the carbon footprint. Giving consideration to this will improve the sustainability and social responsibility and reputation of your business. Sourcing energy-saving equipment is also key, as it’s not only environmentally positive, but is cheaper to run too! When choosing your model, keep in mind the running costs as well as the longevity of the refrigerator or freezer, this should be balanced against the initial purchase price.

And after your choice is made? You can get the most from your refrigeration equipment by thoroughly instructing and training your staff on the energy consumption of the models and how to work with them effectively, on food safety standards, and how to clean and maintain the equipment for maximum efficiency. Your refrigeration equipment can be the sink or swim for your business, so from consideration to installation, make sure you’re making decisions that will reap you the most rewards in the long term.

We have a variety of refrigeration brands: Foster, Gram, Williams, Adande, True and Liebherr

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