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Did you know... Hoshizaki Ice

Did you know…

World renowned ice machine manufacturers, Hoshizaki, make what is regarded as the clearest, purest, most consistent ice available on the market today.

It’s common for people to disregard the technicalities of an ice machine. It is often the case that people assume ‘ice is ice’ and one ice machine is the same as another, as long as it makes ice what else do you need to consider?

Taking out of the equation, durability, reliability and efficiency, all of which Hoshizaki excel at, they have perfected the art of the ice cube.

Have you ever noticed how in some drinks the ice has almost gone before you’ve had a sip, or its wafer like and doesn’t really seem to be chilling the drink? This is a reflection on how the machine operates and produces it's ice.

Hoshizaki however produce ice that is consistent, clear, and importantly, lasts. Their ice will often last well past the duration of the drink. The benefits? A more attractive looking drink, effectively chilled and one that hasn’t been diluted down, ruining the taste.

Speak with a professional bartender or mixologist and you soon discover how important the right ice is for your drinks. Hoshizaki is world renowned and bars and bartenders, globally, will attest to the importance of good ice and many will insist on a Hoshizaki. And let’s keep in mind that poor ice leads to a poor drink and a poor drink could lead to your customers going elsewhere for a nice cold drink or properly prepared cocktail.

So how do they achieve such great ice? It’s all to do with their unique design. The IM range use what they refer to as a closed cell system. Each cube is fed by an individual spray, the closed cell prevents water loss, as well as contamination, which means each individual cube is uniform when finished. Once the ice is formed a hot gas defrost is used to dispense the ice into the storage bin, resulting in perfectly formed cubes.

After each cycle any excess water is removed and fresh water flushes the cell so it is clear, clean and ready to form the next batch of perfect ice.

It’s not just cubes either, there are other shapes available including the rather unique sphere ice. Whatever option you choose you can guarantee that Hoshizaki ice will be the perfect addition to any drinks venue.

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