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Blurred line between domestic and commercial equipment

A recent Catering Insight article has reported a flurry of concerned responses when mentioning the topic of using domestic catering equipment within a commercial environment.

Owners of small catering establishments have admitted using domestic appliances in a commercial kitchen to minimise outlay. Whilst this may be acceptable for light equipment such as cutlery and plates this could have dire consequences with refrigeration and cooking equipment as domestic refrigerators do not have the same temperature safety settings as commercial refrigerators , this causes food to spoil and can lead to serious illness.

Other factors often overlooked by purchasers is that the warranty given for domestic appliances are quite often void if the item is used in a commercial environment. They also tend to be far less eco-friendly in the long run than the commercial equivalent, domestic equipment will last for a much shorter period of time than commercial equipment meaning frequent replacement and a large environmental impact from manufacturing and disposal.

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