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Overview: Hobart Ecomax G404 & G404S glasswasher

What are the key benefits and features of the Hobart Ecomax G404 and G404S glasswasher? Do not fear, Team Eco are here!

Hobart’s smallest entry level glasswasher is the G404 and G404S. It is perfect for those looking for a smaller unit for smaller spaces. Although it is small, it is definitely mighty!

It has a capacity of 16 pint glasses which is brilliant for such a small footprint!
The cycle options are 60 & 120 seconds depending on your cycle needs. The shorter cycle is great for a quick rinse through, and the longer cycle is perfect to get glasses really cleaned up and sparkling.

This unit comes complete with a double skinned door. This helps reduce heat loss, energy consumption and keeps the noise levels down.

Hobart have also Improved the door hinge for their new Ecomax range. This maximising durability and longevity of the machine.

Inside you’ll see there’s upper and lower wash and rinse arms. Often small glasswashers only have a bottom set of arms. With the top and bottom arms you get complete coverage and excellent wash results.

The chamber is a pressed design, making it easy of you and your team to clean down after service. The smooth surface means there are no dirt traps for potential bacteria build up.

You can choose between the G404, the unit without softener or the G404S which comes complete with an in-built softener. The performance of the softener has not been compromised just because it’s a smaller machine. it’s the same softener found in the larger Hobart ranges, giving you reliable water softening performance, helping prevent limescale build up.

The control panel is simple and easy to use and the glasswasher is fully automated. This reduces staff time for operation and the potential for operator error. It also has digital temperature displays for wash and rinse temperatures, allowing you to easily monitor the water temperature.

Thermostop control system ensures precise washing temperatures during the cycle. This means great wash results and gives you complete confidence in the machine.

The wash tank holds 10 litres of water and consumption is only 2 litres per cycle. This unit is very efficient machine to run. It uses less water so less electricity is needed to heat it and less detergent to dose it. This reduces your carbon footprint and running costs.

Warranty - As with all Hobart units, it comes with 12 months on site parts and labour warranty, with some great warranty upgrade options!

View the G404 and G404S here!

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