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Hobart Bonnet High Speed Steamer Real Time Demo

The Hobart Bonnet High Speed Steamer is the ultimate piece of kit to steam broccoli in just 9 seconds! Becky from Sales has got together with Greg, a development Chef from Hobart to show you just how quick and easy the NEW High Speed Steamers are to use! In this real time live demo, Greg shows you it's accelerated cooking techniques and it's seamless control panel. 

The 205GB-10 cooks 12 portions of salmon in 1 minute, and the 305GB-10 cooks 42 portions of salmon in 1 minute. The options for speedy catering are endless. Even in large quantities, the cook time will always remain the same, with the same excellent quality product.

Everything cooked in the High Speed Steamers retain all of their natural colour as vitamins and minerals are not drawn out during the steaming process. This allows the food to remain extremely nutritious, plump as well as beautifully aesthetic.

How to use the Hobart Bonnet High Speed Steamer:

  • Open the door and slide the trays into railing system
  • Close and hold the door shut, with a gap showing at the top of the door. This is shown at 0:45 
  • Check the pressure, as shown on the control panel, according to what you are going to cook
  • Check the temperature and time, again according to your food product 
  • Press the large start button towards the bottom of the control panel, which will begin the steaming process
  • Hold the door open for a second or two, to let the cold air out. This will speed up the process
  • Pull down handle to close the door
  • The steamer will begin to reach the desired bar of pressure. Once the High Speed Steamer has reached this pressure, the unit will begin to count down the desired time. 
  • Once elapsed to zero, lines will appear on the control panel. This is what Hobart call the ‘raindrop effect’ which means that the High Speed Steamer is depressurising 
  • A little click will then sound by the door handle, which is a safety catch to stop the door from being opened 
  • Finally a beep will then sound when the process has finished

Find our range of Hobart Bonnet High Speed Steamers HERE

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