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Ecomax Plus has now been launched!

Hobart Launch the New Ecomax Plus Range

Several years ago Hobart UK created a three tier range of warewashing equipment, creating models to suit every type of site and budget. Originally the Ecomax range was created to give customers access to Hobart equipment but for sites that didn’t need the exceptional levels of specification and performance found in the Premier Profi and Premax ranges.

Hobart Ecomax was extremely well received and proved very popular with sales increasing year on year however it was realised that there was still a gap in the market for a mid-tier range. With this in mind the Hobart Bar Aid range was created. Taking a number of key elements from the Premier models but excluding key features required only for the largest and busiest of sites or companies with specific requirements. The Bar Aid range offered a very powerful, efficient series of glasswashers and commercial dishwashers at an extremely competitive price for their sector.

This give three very distinct ranges, the Hobart Ecomax, Hobart Bar Aid and Hobart Premier (Profi and Premax) ranges. However due to the name the Bar Aid models could often be overlooked with customers making the assumption that they were suitable for bar use only. With this in mind it was decided to change the Bar Aid name to Ecomax Plus, bringing synergy to the Hobart ware washing line up.

Nothing within the specification has altered so you will still be purchasing a high performing, efficient dishwasher and glass washer with the same German build quality backed by Hobart’s comprehensive warranty and service support.

For reference the models have changed to the following:

Hobart Bar Aid 400 and 400S glass washers are now the Hobart Ecomax Plus G403 and G403S glass washers.

Hobart Bar Aid 500 and 500S glass washers are now the Hobart Ecomax Plus G503 and G503S glass washers.

Hobart Bar Aid 800 and 800S under counter dishwashers are now the Hobart Ecomax Plus F503 and F503S under counter dishwashers.

Hobart Bar Aid 900 and 900S pass through dishwashers are now the Hobart Ecomax Plus H603 and H603S pass through dishwashers.

Whilst some Bar Aid models still remain for sale at discounted rates, the Ecomax Plus range is available today and ready to deliver. Standard free delivery is within 2-3 working days with next day delivery available at an additional cost.

For more information on the Hobart Ecomax Plus range or any other catering equipment please do not hesitate to contact us, a member of our sales team will be ready to assist.

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