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Control panel and clean down of a Hobart Ecomax warewasher

Sometimes it’s just nice to see the unit up and running before you decide to buy. Because of this Team Eco have been working hard behind the scenes to show you a demo of the control panel and clean down routine for a Hobart Ecomax warewasher.

As you can see it is a very simple control system to use. Press once to turn the machine on and press again to turn off.

There areo two cycle options: short cycle, long cycle. As shown ‘1’ and ‘2’. And a drain down button as shown in the video above

The temperatures are permanently displayed in the centre of the control panel. This allows you to easily monitor the temperature of the wash and rinse temps. If purchasing a unit with an in built water softener, when the unit needs salt, this centre display will show ‘SALT’. This is a super handy, clear way of knowing when your machine needs a little bit of salt!

To operate the machine, turn the unit on with one press of the power button. Once the machine is up to temperature choose the cycle that you require. The warewasher will automatically go through its cycle. It’s as simple as that!

When service is finished, you will need to shut down and clean your machine. This is also a very simple process. Firstly, hold the drain down button for several seconds. The machine will begin an automatic drain down. There’s no need to remove any plugs, this function is automated, saving you time. The machine drains down, empties out the wash tank and then rinses itself through. Once this has finished, you will need to unscrew the wash arms and pop out the filter and rinse both through. Then simply wipe down the machine and leave the door open for the machine to dry.

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