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8 Helpful Hygiene hacks

In a survey of 1000 UK customers, 75% said that they wouldn’t visit a restaurant that had been associated with a food hygiene incident, and in all honesty, neither would we. Hygiene is becoming ever more important with new law in 2019 where venues will need to be transparent with the cleanliness of their venue. Establishments will need to display their food hygiene score and the highest rating will be essential for the reputation of your business for new and returning customers. Not only this, but a spotless venue will take away any stress and negativity towards food safety inspections. Rather than hygiene and cleaning becoming a chore, these hygiene hacks will help you take pride in hygiene; so that you can display the well earned 5 stars of cleanliness.


1.    Go Back to Basics
As obvious as it sounds, washing hands is an absolute must. It is easy to miss and has the potential to be very dangerous and spread bacteria. Make sure you use an effective hand wash to eliminate all bacteria and dirt. You should never underestimate the basics of hygiene. Establish a regular cleaning routine and fit this around shifts so that you are aware of what is clean, what needs to be done and who is going to carry it out.


2.    First Impressions
First impressions of a restaurant or venue are essential as happy customers have the potential to become returning regulars; always great for business. To ensure you keep a high standard of first impressions, make sure glasses and cutlery are polished, tables are tidy and there is a fresh set of clean tableware.

3.    Washrooms
Did you know 90% of diners see poor hygiene as a major off-putting factor when going into a washroom? 81% of diners would not return to a venue if the washroom was not kept clean to the highest of standards. Your kitchen may be the cleanest environment, but without a spotless washroom, customers may assume your whole venue is unhygienic. So ensure your washrooms are maintained throughout quiet and busy periods.

4.    Training
Your work force is the infrastructure to the success of your business so it is essential staff are adequately trained for hygiene and service. This will guarantee your team will have the knowledge to keep the venue hygienic to the highest of standards. Rather than cleaning becoming a chore, it will become second nature to your staff and develop into something they take pride in.

5.    Storage
Relook at the way your food is being stored. If you currently use carboard cutter boxes to store food, consider changing this to Wrapmaster. Wrapmaster is of a higher storage and is considerably more hygienic. This will tick the boxes upon any hygiene inspection.

6.    Colour Coded Systems
Colour coding your kitchen is simple, affordable and extremely effective. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination and the transferral of harmful bacteria. This may be as simple as colour coding your chopping boards to red meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Highly effective for a hygienic kitchen and easy to spot if being misused.

7.    Temperature of food storage  
It is every venue’s nightmare to be involved in a food incident and so it is vital that food in storage is checked at regular intervals and recorded. Monitoring the temperature will ensure the highest standard of food storage and dramatically reduce the risk of dangerous food being served.

8.    Ice
Although it is just water, ice is consumed as a food. You should treat ice as you would with any other food so do not overlook its importance when it comes to hygiene; you do not want to be caught out. Clean your ice machine regularly to prevent contaminated ice.

There is no hiding that hygiene is essential within the food and beverage industry. Now it’s time to implement these hygiene hacks! Each step may seem small; however all 8 combined will guarantee you an excellent review and visit from your hygiene inspector. More importantly, cleanliness will protect your establishment’s reputation and encourage returning customers!


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