Hobart PREMAX FTPi Flight Dishwasher

B-Grade PREMAX FTPi Flight Dishwasher (with Integral Reverse Osmosis System) & FHP

Hobart PREMAX FTPi Flight Dishwasher

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Don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity...

Nearly new Hobart FTPi Flight dishwasher, at only a fraction of the original cost.

Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, a customer that had recently installed this unit at a cost of approximately £80,000, had to close the doors as the business was no longer viable. This dishwasher was only used for 3 months at the beginning of 2020 and has not been in operation since.

This machine will be available at approximately 40% of its original value.

It has been thoroughly tested and inspected in the Hobart workshop and comes with a Hobart 12-month MAX Service Contract, the highest level of warranty cover Hobart offer.

Due to the nature of these units the configuration may not be suitable for every site. A full survey would be required at which point we could offer a final quotation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, arrange a survey and take advantage of this incredible machine at an unbelievable price.

(Only 1 available)

Hobart Flight Dishwashers are the ultimate warewashing solution for large, busy sites. They offer unrivalled levels of throughput and hygiene. It has been designed with a comprehensive specification and sets standards in all areas. The FTPi offers minimal operating costs and maximum performance making it the ideal solution for a variety of large-scale operations. Browse the full range of features and benefits below.

Complete with:


  • 50PERCENT - Fresh Water rinse system, helps reduce water volume by up to 60% whilst lowering rinse aid and energy consumption. A PREMAX exclusive
  • TOP-TEMP - Energy management reduces energy loss by up to 20%. A PREMAX exclusive
  • LOW-CHEM - Detergent saving system reduces detergent consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional systems
  • CLIMATE-PLUS - Energy saving system. Hot exhaust air is continuously returned to the machine by means of a heat recovery system. The result is a significant reduction in operating costs for your dishwasher


  • HOT-TEMP - This process cleans the wash ware at approx. 67°C instead of 60°C. This leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of the chemicals and the wash ware is cleaned faster
  • TRI-RINSE - A three-stage rinsing system that helps deliver perfect results
  • CONTACT PLUS - The wash system utilises innovative wash arms that allow the wash water to have prolonged contact with the dishes for improved cleaning results
  • DIRECT CONVEYOR BELT - The use of a direct belt ensures the wash water into optimum contact with the crockery, glasses and cutlery
  • RO-L - The reverse osmosis system prevents the build-up of unsightly stains on the washed items and removes the need for hand polishing
  • PERMANENT CLEAN - Automatic soil removal offers a clean pre-wash and significantly reduces the frequency with which the wash tanks need emptying. A PREMAX exclusive


  • AQUA-ADAPT - Water consumption control, an intelligent and efficient way of managing your water consumption
  • SENSO-ACTIVE - Resource management regulates and keeps freshwater consumption at the ideal minimum. A PREMAX exclusive
  • BEST START SYSTEM CHECK - Monitors the flight machines functions before each cycle highlight any issues that may need tending to. A PREMAX exclusive
  • SENSO-SPACE compartment detection regulates fresh water consumption, helping reduce energy and chemical consumption and costs


  • PROTRONIC XL CONTROL - The self-explanatory operating concept makes controlling your flight-type dishwasher as quick and easy as possible
  • USB interface
  • DROP-IN WASH SYSTEM - Makes cleaning as easy as possible thanks to the easy removal and reliable insertion of the wash systems by means of a drawer slide
  • CODED WASH AND RINSE ARMS - The coding system prevents them being mixed up when they are re-inserted
  • CODED CURTAINS - The coding clearly identifies the different wash zones to prevent mix ups when being re-inserted
  • WASH ARM SLIDER - The patented system allows you to easily and comfortably wash the interior of the wash arms


  • HIGH TEMP PUMPED RINSE - Increases the self-drying effect. Resulting in optimised energy saving drying zones. A PREMAX exclusive
  • 3DRY DRYING SYSTEM - Designed specifically for hollow wash ware to dry from the top, sides and bottom. Giving full drying coverage


  • AUTO-CLEAN SELF-CLEANING SYSTEM - This fast, automatic system cleans the machine interior and heat recovery system, significantly reducing machine cleaning time. A PREMAX exclusive
  • ALLIGATOR CLIP - Most food waste collects in the machine’s entry section. The folding entry cover allows the dishwasher to be accessed quickly and easily, making cleaning very straightforward
  • DEEP DRAWN TANK - The completely molded tank helps prevent soil accumulation, improving hygiene and making cleaning easy

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