Hobart Ecomax Plus F503

B-Grade Undercounter Dishwasher

Hobart Ecomax Plus F503

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Discounted due to B-grade condition.

We have a B-grade Hobart Ecomax Plus F503 available. It has been used but has been thoroughly tested and inspected in the Hobart workshop and comes with a full Hobart 12 month on site parts and labour warranty for complete peace of mind.

(Only 1 available)


This first rate dishwasher delivers unrivalled results thanks to its German pedigree. Of robust construction its double skinned cabinet reduces radiated heat loss and keeps noise levels to a minimum. With a choice of two wash cycles and single button activation this unit is operator friendly.


Powerful pumps and a hygienic self flushing drain cycle combined with a polished interior, result in a versatile and economical module.


A number of admirable innovations including Accurinse for water, detergent and energy savings, Intensiv, a 3 stage wash incorporating a pre-wash which removes up to 40% more food soil and Vector, advanced design jets all add up to a top grade addition to any hospitality kitchen.

Complete with:

  • Two wash cycles: 90 and 180 seconds
  • Up to 40 racks (18 plates) per hour (500 x 500mm basket - 18 plates)
  • Integral fitted drain pump - allows quick and easy emptying and refilling
  • 1 x Plate Rack, 1x Cup Rack, 1 x Cutlery Basket
  • SMARTONIC, allows filling, cycle start and draining to be activated by just one button
  • Chamber and wash tank with smooth, rounded corners and polished interior - no dirt traps and easy access
  • Easy to clean - only 6 removable items for cleaning
  • Automatic hygienic self flushing drain cycle on machine shut down
  • Integral detergent and rinse aid pumps - precise dosing for guaranteed quality results
  • Powerful 0.6kW pump delivers total wash coverage via separate upper and lower wash rinse arms
  • Thermostop rinse control which ensures that the machine will only rinse at the correct temperature
  • 2 stage strainer/filter system removes debris and helps to protect the wash pump
  • INTENSIV - 3 stage wash process incorporates a pre-wash function which removes 20-40% more food soil 
  • VECTOR Wide Angle Wash Jets - Advanced design delivers a powerful, searching wash action eliminating any “masked” areas
  • 2 in 1 double racking feature increases capacity and flexibility
  • Double skinned construction keeps radiated heat and noise levels to a minimum and reduces energy loss
  • Ecotherm - Maintains wash temperature above 63 °C for optimum detergent performance
  • Supplied with an integral fitted drain pump as standard
  • Supplied with a Class 'A' air gap as standard
  • Electronic soft touch controls - simple and easy to use with constant temperature display and access for parameter adjustments
  • ACCURINSE uses just 2.5 litres of fresh water per cycle saving up to 30% on water, energy, detergent and rinse aid costs
  • Wash tank capacity of just 10.6 litres, saves on water, energy and detergent
  • This unit does not come with an in-built water softener
  • WRAS Approved
  • Made in Germany


  • Wash Temperature: 60 Degrees
  • Rinse Temperature: 82 Degrees
  • Wash Tank Capacity - 10.6 litres
  • Water Consumption/cycle - 2.5 litres
  • Water Pressure Req. - Cold or hot feed, 0.8-6 BAR (not to exceed 60°)
  • Electrical Loading - 5.5kW/25A 230/50/1 Switchable to - 7.5kW/3 x 16A 400/50/3 or 2.7kW/13A 230/50/1 
  • Loading Height - 425 mm
  • Dimensions - 825 (h) x 600 (w) x 600 (d) mm

Warranty - 1 Year Parts and Labour

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