Oven Chemicals

Oven cleaners to cut through grease and grime, leaving your kitchen sparkling clean

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  1. Premium Spray Oven Cleaner

    6 x 750ml bottles
    This premium ready to use alkaline oven cleaner cleans carbon and grease deposits. Whether you need to clean an oven, deep fat fryer, griddle, stove burner, plates or grills, this is the perfect cleaner for you! Learn More
    £25.99 Excl. Tax £31.19 Incl. Tax
  2. Premium Oven Cleaner

    4 x 5 litre bottles
    This premium alkaline cleaner removes heavy grease and carbon deposits from ovens, griddles and deep fat fryers. Being of a higher concentration and excellent quality, cleaning is quick, easy and economical. Learn More
    £35.95 Excl. Tax £43.14 Incl. Tax

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