Any front of house wants elegant, beautiful tableware to compliment the room, as well as fine lightweight glassware and crystal clear products. These are essential for that excellent first impression when a customer orders a drink. Chef & Sommelier use Arc’s unique KRYSTA extra strong crystal glass specially designed to provide aesthetic excellence as well as durability and resistance. Designed in the Arc Research Centre, this new generation of lead free crystal is the highest performing crystal glass on the market. So what else does Chef & Sommelier’s KRYSTA extra strong glass have to give?

Super Strength

KRYSTA extra strong crystal glass is a fully developed crystalline material. Developed in the Arc Research Centre, the material combines superior strength with exceptional appearance. Despite the lip of a glass being only 1mm, KRYSTA is still 30% stronger than other standard crystal glasses on the market. Chef & Sommelier’s ultra delicate stems have twice the mechanical resistance of other standard crystal glasses on the market.

What does this actually mean? Fewer breakages and less chipping during transportation, storage, washing and polishing. This means that your glasses will last longer, saving you time and money.

Complete Transparency

Chef & Sommelier manufacture the purest and most transparent crystal glass on the market. The high quality sand and very hot temperature in which the glasses are fused, provide an enhanced sparkle that can’t be found in other glassware.

What does this actually mean? These glasses are some of the clearest, most sparkling glass on the market. Perfect for giving an excellent impression of your hospitality business.

Perfect Acoustics

KRYSTA’s composition gives it a clear, pure sound in keeping with the tone of the best crystal glassware. A unique shine is coupled with a distinct sound for a refined sensory experience.

What does this actually mean? KRYSTA glassware are designed with the best acoustics in mind for an excellent wine drinking experience.

Long Lasting Brilliance

Extreme long lasting brilliance ensures not only aesthetic excellence, but extreme durability. Even after 2000 commercial dishwasher cycles, KRYSTA remains brilliant and transparent, with a long lasting sparkle.

What does this actually mean? KRYSTA glassware is extremely durable whilst keeping their quality appearance, giving your glassware an unparalleled shelf life.


Here at Eco Catering Equipment, we are always looking for ways in which hospitality can be environmentally friendly as well providing a high quality product. All Chef & Sommelier glasses and decanters can be recycled! Excellent for your carbon footprint as well as your front of house.

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