Valentine are leading manufacturers in the commercial fryer industry. Along with their renowned build quality is their ease of use. They understand you want equipment that is simple to use and have designed and developed their fryers to be be as user friendly as possible.

Each fryer has two controls per pan. The first is the On/Off control, this also has an Eco setting. The Eco setting is etither a melt cycle for sites using solid fat or it is a more gradual, economic gradual way of heating the oil. It heats the oil slowly, causing less damage and significantly prolongs the life of the oil. You run on the Eco setting for 20 – 30 minutes before switching it up to the full setting. You then set the temperature to bring the fryer up to your required temperature.

There is also a timer which provides an audio alarm when the product is ready. Valentine Fryers also have the option for auto lift baskets. For busy restaurants, this is a really useful feature as it raises the basket automatically when the timer runs out.


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