When it comes to commercial fryers Valentine are industry leaders. The new Alpina fryer is no exception. In this video, Jon from Valentine gives Tim at Eco Catering an overview of this fantastic new fryer.

Everything on the Alpina fryer is digitally controlled. To adjust the temperature, turn the dial and the temperature will display on the screen.

When you have selected your temperature, the yellow lights above will turn green as the machine heats up. When all the lights are green the fryer is at the perfect temperature and ready to use. This is a great visual indicator, making easy to know when the fryer is ready to use.

As well as the new control panel, it also has an easy to remove cartridge system. Remove the 4 screws on the top and the system will lift out as one. This makes it easier than ever for an engineer to work on and maintain the fryer.

Valentine Fryers current models are either 250 mm or 400 mm wide. The new Alpina is 300 mm wide but because of the energy optimisation, this fryer can achieve the same output as the 400 mm fryers. Helping reduce your footprint without losing capacity.

There is Wi-Fi connectivity available for engineers working on the machine. In the future Valentine aim to introduce a system in which you will be able to use it for menu uploading across multiple sites.


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