The Meiko Upster H500 & H500S are their most popular Hood Dishwashers.

If U500 & U500S under counter dishwashers aren’t quite powerful enough then these hood machines are ideal for your site.

The control panel has exactly the same functionality and features found across the entire Upster range making it very easy to use and seamless for people with familiar with the Meiko range or with multiple warewashers on site.

The hood is counterbalanced for ease of use.

There is a one piece pressed stainless steel wash chamber for easy cleaning. The tank has been pressed in a way that it is sloped towards the front of the machine/operator, aiding the operator in cleaning the unit. Filter pans are in place to capture larger pieces of dirt and soil. The pans simply lift out for easy rinsing and in order to give access to the wash tank below.

The wash tank is a deep drawn and only holds 11 litres of fresh water. Meiko’s wash technology gives you great wash results whilst minimising the amount of water used. For every wash cycle, it only uses 2.7 litres of fresh water.

The separate wash and rise arms feature Meiko’s indented anti-block wash jets, improving wash efficiency. These arms can easily be unscrewed and removed when it comes to the clean down.

Meiko understand that sites may not want a front operating hood machine but actually want a corner operation. With this in mind Meiko have designed this machine so the rack guide bar can easily be switched around, easily allowing the dishwasher to be converted for corner operation.

Another feature of these machines is the micro-switch in the handle. This means that once you have set your cycle and put a rack in the machine you do not have to bend over to press a start button, instead, you just push the handle down and the machine will automatically begin its wash cycle.

Meiko understand that some dishes can be more delicate than others and have created a soft start programme. This means the wash arm will start gently and gradually build up speed and power.

They have also installed a leak detection mat that sits underneath the dishwasher and detect if your machine has a water leak and display an error code on the front of the machine. This means you can then ring Meikos excellent service department, quote that error code and they will be able to send an engineer with the correct parts.

As standard these machines are 3 Phase but can be switched to single Phase. They also come with a rinse booster pump and detergent and rinse aid dosing units as standard.

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