Hoshizaki ice machines are renowned for their quality and durability. They pride themselves not only on making the most robust and effective commercial ice machines but also on equipment that is quick and easy to clean and maintain. Hoshizaki understands that in busy bars and restaurants time is of the essence, so the less time needed to clean the better. Cleaning your ice cuber on a regular basis means your ice machine will not only be hygienically clean but also perform consistently and reliably.

Max from Hoshizaki gives us a run through on how to quickly clean their ice makers.

“The Hoshizaki ice machines are very basic and simple to clean. You would use a food safe sanitiser to spray the machine, wipe down the storage bin, when finished just close the door. Then turn it back on at which point it will start making ice again. We recommend that you clean your ice machine once a week.

Every machine comes with an air filter, this also needs to be cleaned once a week as this is where dust and fluff will gather. To clean this, simply remove it from the unit and you can either hoover it, wipe the dust off with your hand or even rinse it in the sink. If you do rinse it in the sink ensure that it is dry before putting it back in.”

It’s that quick and simple!

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