We had a long standing client with over 20 sites. They were having a nightmare with fryers and had gone through far too many brands. Each of which had failed them. One some occasions a unit wouldn’t even last 12 months before breaking down! 

Not only was this causing disruption in the kitchen and leaving hungry customers, Financially, they were burning through a lot of money purchasing these fryers each time.

Our customer came to us for a solution. We decided to team up with Valentine Fryers and offer a 2 week free trial. All our client needed to pay for was installation. If they didn’t like the fryers, they could return them at no extra cost. And of course, if they liked the fryers, they would pay for the units and keep them.

Due to our client underestimating the amount of fried food being cooked, the first set of fryers that we installed weren’t powerful enough and couldn’t keep up with the demand of the site. They were simply selling more food than they realised! After a thorough analysis of the amount of food that was actually going through the fryers, we could recommend units that were just right!

We came into the kitchen once again and replaced the second set of fryers free of charge.  These units were uprated and perfect for the restaurant. The fryers are powerful enough, keep up with the demand of the busy kitchen and are more financially efficient. Rather than our customer investing in a new fryer every 12 months, they now only need to pay the running costs of the Valentine fryers. Valentine fryers also use less oil. This means less energy to heat the oil as there is a smaller volume, as well as a reduced cost to dispose of this oil. The fryers not only produce an excellent product, but they are energy efficient and save money too!

Our clients were so happy with the second set of fryers, they decided to keep them and pay the full amount. These Valentine fryers have a good recovery time, are more powerful, provide an excellent performance as well as being far more durable than their previous units. On top of all of that, they also have a 2 year warranty and a 25 year tank warranty. This tank warranty is crucial for our client as it was the tank that would often fail them with their previous units. With this tank warranty they now know that this will no longer be a problem!

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