Did you know Hobart’s FX dishwashers will notify you when it requires a deep clean? After every 1500 washes the dishwasher will let you know that it needs to complete a hygiene cycle.

This hygiene cycle helps assist you in this deep clean of the dishwasher. It will remove stodge build ups, it will clean and degrease, and it will make the machine smell nice

To begin the hygiene cycle process, simply scroll through the options of the display panel and select ‘Hygiene’. With the Hobart INTENSIV tablets that are supplied, place one tablet onto the filter. Close the door and then press the button.

The hygiene cycle will last about 30 minutes.

Once this is complete, simply give it a wipe down and through your usual cleaning routine and you are ready for more wash cycles!

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    1. Hi Joe,

      You pop the tablet in, close the door and set the unit to a Hygiene Clean cycle and it will go through the process.

      However, we are UK based. We assume the specs. of the unit are the same for your location but I would check with Hobart in Australia or a local supplier to make sure.



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